How long does it take to establish a fully functioning gold mine?

Why are diamonds so valuable? They are one of the hardest materials in the world and scarce. Gold is also very durable and scarce.


There are only a limited number of gold deposits on Planet Earth. Due to this inherent scarcity, gold remains the “first and last currency.” All empires fall, eventually. This can be difficult to comprehend, but you need to prepare yourself by protecting your wealth with gold.


“Compare Gold & Paper Scarcity”


Your fiat paper currency is based on your “trust in the United States government.” It even says that on some of the older currency. Furthermore, the United States Dollar bill is actually based on your faith in the Federal Reserve System and United States Treasury.


Whenever, a politician needs more money for a pet project, he can contact the Fed and print more money. Your paper dollar bill is now a Federal Reserve Note. It has no intrinsic value.


“How many trees are there?”


Of course, there are millions of trees. It is easy to chop a tree down, make paper and construct a new paper bill. It is not easy to start a gold mine.


“Decades to Prepare Gold Mine”


The World Gold Council has explained that “significant exploration and development needs to take place” before any gold is extracted. The geologists must assess the size of the gold deposit and determine the best way to extract the ore. Once the business plan is established, capital must be raised.


In the end, it could take a decade before a gold deposit find is turning into a fully functioning mine. This “long development process” maintains the scarcity of gold and keeps it valuable.


“What does US Money Reserve offer?”


US Money Reserve is run by experts, who understand the industry inside-and-out. They will give you an honest appraisal of the reasons why gold can protect your wealth. They identify the latest coins, bars and other products, you can add to your estate.


When you need a trusted adviser, US Money Reserve is in your corner. Many of the wealthy understand the intrinsic value of gold and are purchasing it behind-the-scenes. Follow the actions of the wealthy and protect your own wealth by purchasing the everlasting currency: gold.

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