The Cheapest Wireless Service

The FreedomPop review details what FreedomPop is and what plans that they have to offer. FreedomPop has become famous because of their free phone and data plans. FreedomPop has expanded its Smartphone lineup that can use Wi-Fi, mobile voice, text and data. FreedomPop is always looking for new and cheap ways to offer a phone service at affordable cost. They work off of VOIP which picks up Wi-Fi hotspots for use of the internet avoiding the need to tap into a cellular network that uses towers. Most notably its runs its data services through a Sprint data network instead of its connections through partners of Sprint. Its initial plan is instead of using the towers you can connect to any given hotspot for a five dollar a month purchase.

If you’re interested in a plan you will have free service with 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data as promised after you purchase a phone of your choice. There are currently three types of devices that you can purchase with the FreedomPop service, which are Phones, Mobile Data, and Home Internet. The phones are the most popular device as the prices ranges are whatever you are willing to pay and what plan you are willing to use. As of now they have about thirty eight different phone devices to choose from, which in my opinion only make them better that you have a variety and not just given a certain phone.

Overall, FreedomPop is the cheapest service that a person can purchase and maybe worth the hassle instead of contract services. It seems that they give you a lot of free advantages with text and unlimited usage. And I think it’s particularly awesome for five dollars to be able to find Wi-Fi hotspots and not have to worry about wasting all your Data and possibly spending money on more internet usage. If you are currently in the middle of a two year contract through a particular phone company and are tired of it you may want to consider changing to this service as your next phone provider.

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The Global Expansion of FreedomPop

FreedomPop is an international mobile carrier that was recently founded on the basis of offering customers free services around the world. With this innovative idea, investors have flocked to FreedomPop to continue to international expansion. In recent news, RCR Wireless News had a sit down interview with founder, Stephen Stokols for the purpose of obtaining some insight on the company’s operation and recent expansion.

Stephen Stokols provides insightful information on not only his business model, but also the secret behind his global expansion. Mr. Stokols states that his company received so much attention due to the new business model of offering free products. The company has attracted millions of users within the most recent users on the premise that for just a small fee, customers could have an allotted amount of minutes, texts, as well as data. In addition to customers, FreedomPop also received multiple investors that enables the company to avoid being bought out by Sprint. This new solo venture has been exciting for Mr. Stokols and his company.

In addition to FreedomPop, RCR Wireless News also discusses some of FreedomPop’s top competitors to give insight of their current status. Some of FreedomPop’s top competitors include Verizon Wireless which has recently been fined $1.4 million for internet trafficking without the users’ consent or knowledge. This was done for the purpose of identifying customers in order to generate targeted ads from Verizon.

In addition to Verizon Wireless, mobile carriers such as T-Mobile have proven to be a competitor to FreedomPop. With that said, RootMetrics has released a market-by-market overall comparison of cellular network performance. Of all the cities tested, Atlanta topped the list and was closely followed by Indianapolis, Sacramento, and Rockford. The five worst performers within the United States were reported to be Hudson Valley, Omaha, Lancaster, Santa Rosa, and Denver.