Attorney Ross Abelow Supports Animal Welfare

Ross Abelow, a widely recognized New York City attorney, recently organized a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to help house and take care of stray animals in the city. Abelow’s charitable efforts were recently featured in a news story for KCBD Channel 11, which urges readers to consider donating to this worthy cause and support Abelow’s commendable efforts to protect otherwise helpless animals in New York City. The Go Fund Me page is set for a goal of $5,000, which will help animal shelters in New York City provide shelter and medical care for stray animals. Abelow launched his campaign in the height of the frigid New York City winter, on January 13, which brings particularly cold temperatures and potentially serious health risks for stray animals. Abelow hopes that the funds raised will provide necessary supplies and medical support for animals, such as blankets, food, beds and even vaccines. In addition to supplies, these funds can help shelters stay afloat and potentially expand to provide more space to needy animals who simply will not survive without a warm place to sleep away from the harsh city streets. Many New York City shelters have simply run out of room to house animals in need and are in danger of having to shut their doors because of lack of funding. These animal shelters typically depend on donations to keep their doors open.

Besides being an animal lover and avid animal rights’ activist, Abelow is a law partner in the New York City based firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP. Abelow’s practice focuses on family law, commercial litigation and entertainment law.

Abelow maintains an active social media presence and contributes to his personal blog quite frequently. Anyone interested in contributing to Abelow’s charitable causes can check out his personal blogs or visit Abelow’s Go Fund Me page directly. All donations are greatly appreciated and will make a real difference in protecting the lives of the most vulnerable animals in New York City during the harsh winter.