Stream Energy, a Company Very Committed to Philanthropic Efforts

Stream Energy was recently featured on a article on the basis of its commitment to giving to deserving causes. Stream Energy is a leading direct selling and connected life services company, providing their customers with energy, wireless, protective, and home services. Stream started out merely as an energy company but expanded its business to include connected life services (such as international wireless plans, Virtual MD, digital voice service, and more). Stream currently provides services to nine states (New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Texas) and Washington D.C. In the state of Texas, Stream Energy was named as one of the state’s Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. Annually, Stream takes in over $8 billion in revenue, some of which it gives generously to deserving charities, causes, and needy people.

Stream Energy is so committed to giving back to the community that it has created a separate arm in its company called “Stream Cares” in order to do so. Theses philanthropic efforts includes donating money to victim of natural disasters, homeless children, and veterans. When Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston neighborhoods, causing lives, homes, and pets to be lost, Stream Energy funded Houston’s recovery effort with some of the proceeds from its direct energy sales. In addition, Stream helped ease the financial burden of its customers who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey with some of the proceeds. Another natural disaster where Stream extended its helping hand was when a series of tornado struck Northern Texas in 2016. Stream not only mobilized its members to assist the Salvation Army in its efforts to raise money for the victims but also matched the amount of money raised—doubling it. Stream Energy philanthropic efforts also includes working with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in giving to local grassroots programs, teaming up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to improve the lives of 1000 homeless children, and working with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide moral and monetary support to veterans and their families.

The Positive Investment Future of Capital Group

Few businessmen can claim to have the success over the last 33 years that Timothy D. Armour has had. His success has brought him to become the chief executive officer of Capital Group an investment management firm that handles capital and portfolios all over the globe.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Capital Group is one of the largest investment firms in the nation with over $1.39 trillion in assets directly under its management. Under Timothy Armour’s leadership, its employee base has expanded to over 7,000 employees. It’s continued expansion is a result of smart business decisions mixed with a large expanding economy.

And Early Career of Success

Previous to being elected as Capital Group’s chairman, Timothy Armour served as an extremely successful investment analyst. His success stems from a fantastic education based out of Middlebury College where Tim received a bachelor’s degree in economics. Seizing his love and passion for economics, Armour quickly moved through the ranks to work at Capital Group and become a highly successful chairman.

An Elected Future

Timothy Armour was elected CEO of Capital Group on July 28th 2015. Tim’s election as CEO was orchestrated in which to help the company with operations and to help continue the successful business plan put into place by Jim Rothenberg. Through promoting Armour to the company’s lead position Rothenberg’s plan became firmly cemented into practice.

Taking over as CEO has allowed Mr. Armour to create a better working environment that helps people to understand the financial investment landscape. With many advisers and investors making up the company, it was absolutely imperative to have someone who was both familiar with the company but possessed a strong knack for leadership, two qualities Timothy Armour had gained with his 33 years of experience within the investment and finance field.

Looking Towards the Future

With shares in large companies such as Netflix, Capital Group continues to be one of the most highly influential investment firms in the world. Timothy Armour’s rise to CEO marks a shift towards progressiveness that is poised to allow the firm to take control over even more companies. The company provides benefits and an approachable upper-echelon of management that makes its foreseeable future one of hope. Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer has helped to stream line Capital Group’s processes and continues to look for ways to point the company in a better direction.

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