Madison Street Capital Serves Middle Market Companies

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment banking company serving middle marketing companies. Moreover, offices are across north America with international presence in Asia and Africa. The company additionally been noted to have significant philanthropic interests that are supportive to efforts sponsored by the United Way. In the recent past, Madison Street Capital offered philanthropic interest serving the United Way south and Midwest sectors. These regional organizations has directed funding toward disaster relief in nearly a dozen states.


As an investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital offers advisement concerning acquisition and merger, business valuation and corporate advisement unique to a given company. It is noted to be a high-quality provider within the investment bank industry and Madison Street Capital reputation is well grounded and authentic.


Recently, Madison Street Capital provided services to Sachs Capital group in acquiring a Fortune 100 company, RMG Networks. The Chief Executive Officer of Sachs Group expressed pleasure and gratitude towards Madison Street Capital in guiding the process from valuation through acquisition. Furthermore, stockholders in RMG Networks subsequently received a cash dividend and the company discontinued trading on the NASDAQ during September 2018. The amount received is reported to be $1.29 per share.


RMG Networks provides a cloud-based platform online where digital signage and/or messaging is offered to other business ventures. It is noted to serve nearly 50 percent of the Fortune 100 companies in north America. RMG Networks offers software, hardware and business applications towards the output of digital messaging. It has its main offices in Dallas, and locations internationally.


Sachs Capital Group largely provides investment capital, controlled and low risk, to the experienced successful entrepreneur. Sachs Group has an investment model that expresses itself by noting long-term capital appreciation and controlled risk investing. Much of the control is based on an entrepreneur’s success record.


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