Securus Technologies: Offering Top Of The Line Inmate Communications Services

Communication is an essential part of human lives. People often have to communicate with one another not just to get the word across, but also to maintain the social ness of their lives, and to stay in touch with society. For those who are locked up inside incarceration facilities, communication can be a lot harder to maintain. Telecommunication companies are of a big help to detainees, giving them the tools to stay in touch with their friends and families on the outside.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading inmate communications providers in the entire country. The company has been in the business of communications for a long time and has been offering their services to hundreds of prisons not just inside America, but in Canada as well. The company is known to have a superior level of services so that the inmates inside can get the very best. The friends and families of the inmates can send them a certain amount of money every month which goes to their account. This money can then be used to make voice or video calls to their loved ones. This has made the system a lot more efficient and easy to implement.


The company underwent a big change when it underwent a shift in 2008. At that time, T-Netix and Securus Technologies were both at the forefront of the prison technologies industry. Seeing this, the company decided to merge with each other to form one big superpower and take on the industry. Within a year of the companies merging, they made huge profits, which is what they wanted to achieve through the act. Since then, Rick Smith has been leading the charge at Securus Technologies. He is an excellent leader who was responsible for bringing to two companies together and achieving success.


Securus: The Prison Telephone Company Keeping The Outside World Safe

As you can imagine, lifelong criminals will spend time in and out of jail. It is a lifelong yo-yo effect. Many of these criminals will stop committing crimes and get off the merry-go-round. But a certain percentage of them will perpetually commit crimes and those are the inmates Securus is targeting with its new software.


Just because you are incarcerated does not mean you stop committing crimes. Many gang members and other individuals involved with organized crime continue to plan and order crimes from the inside of prisons. The easiest way for these people to express their plans is through the telephone.


Securus Technologies is the company providing those telephone services. They take advantage of the situation by recording each communication transmitting through their lines. Of course, they put all of this information into a digital database that is separated by inmate number, time and date.


But many prisoners talk in a sort of code to evade law enforcement. With Securus’s new innovation, that code does not help them very much. The new software innovation allows searches of the entire database for particular phrases or someone’s voice. A recorded voice is deconstructed into its most basic compliments for analysis by the software. Once the software has walked onto the voice it can search the database for every phone call where that voice is heard.


This allows law enforcement to connect the dots on the outside of the prison. Perhaps a certain phrase continues to pop up on the same day banks are robbed in the area. They can then show a lawyer and a judge the connection between these phrases in order to secure search warrants and arrest warrants. Oftentimes, this valuable information is used to prevent crimes happening on the outside of prisons which keeps all of the safer.


Securus Technologies Counters GTL’s Erroneous Press Release

Years of hearing news about various companies filing cases against each other have taught me that the battle does not always stay within the court, that it can move to an exchange of heated remarks over the internet as the proceedings. This is what happened between the Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link (GTL) – two telecommunication service providers that are currently in a dispute regarding patent infringement.


The Main Issue


The ultimate problem is that both corporations are in an intelligent warfare that concerns the patents that they are filing in the country. The manifest in question at present which has the official patent number 7,256,816 is a technological advancement that will allow the prisoners and their friends or families to schedule and conduct visitations through a video call. A specific connection host will link the partakers in and out of the jail, and this lets the law enforcers oversee the virtual interactions of the inmates with their visitors.


What Both Parties Have To Say


On the 7th of June 2016, the latter released several statements which led down to their claim that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the United States legalized the patent number 7,256,816 under GTL’s name and therefore allowed them to ask the Texas federal court to order Securus to compensate GTL for the inconveniences they had caused to the company.


As a defense to this allegation, Securus Technologies published its own press release in which they pointed out and gave clarifications to every inconsistency that appeared in their rival’s written declaration. In reference to this announcement, Securus mentioned that the court cannot and will not get to mandate them to provide damages to GTL because they are filing motions to rehear the case. They also said that PTAB was yet to make a final decision for the patent. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


In terms of the number of patents approved between the two companies, Securus clearly had more issued and pending patents compared to GTL based on the tabulation that the former revealed. Regardless of the financial costs of this ongoing battle, however, Securus CEO Richard Smith uttered that they are not going to stop defending themselves from the legal and non-verbal attacks of GTL.


Why Securus’ Video Visitation App is of Benefit to Inmates

When one gets imprisoned, it is quite difficult for frequent communication to take place with his or her family members. The situation is compounded by the fact that most incarceration facilities are often located in far-flung areas, making it difficult to regularly visit loved ones who are jailed. This challenge spurred leading inmate communications firm Securus Technologies into developing a platform that allows inmates to frequently communicate with their friends and loved ones. What’s more, the two parties can make video calls, which makes the platform beneficial all the more.


A recent video posted on popular video streaming site, Vimeo, proves how beneficial the platform is to inmates and their families. In the video, an inmate’s family is seen commemorating his birthday via the platform. It gives him the ability to take part in the festivities despite the fact that he is behind bars. The Video Visit mobile app promises to be a game changer in the inmate communications industry if the video recording is something to go by. The inmate is clearly enjoying every minute, and has a sense of participation in whatever his kids and wife are doing.


About Securus Technologies


The firm has distinguished itself in the inmate communications industry by providing unmatchable products and services, which meet the needs of each incarceration facility. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its services are available to more than 3,000 local and national prisons in the US. Securus has thrived by providing a wide range of services and products to both law enforcement agencies, and incarceration facilities.


The firm has gained a niche in the industry by proving exceptional emergency response, public information, incident management, biometric information, inmate self-service, and investigation services. It combines these services with high tech solutions. This ensures that the needs of clients are addressed in the most suitable way.


 Securus Technologies is synonymous with pioneering At-Home-Visitation, a video communication tool that has greatly transformed the industry. This tool allows inmates to make video calls to those who are outside. This negates the need for frequent and expensive trips to jails. In addition, family members and friends who wish to make physical visits can similarly schedule the same before the intended date. This way, it is difficult to subject inmates and their loved ones to strict visiting hours. Other products that have been advanced by Securus include Advance Connect and Onsite Video Visitation, which have both been well-received in the market. To read more about the company and its products, click on:

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.