IAP Worldwide: History of Logistics, Management and Emergency Support

Over 60 years ago a company named Pan Am World Services, Inc. built and ran America’s first space launch center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. For the next 45 years the company continued to manage this complex until it was bought out by Johnson Controls, Inc. and turned into Johnson Worldwide Services, Inc. whose globalized specialization in managing, maintaining and operating commercial military bases throughout the world has become the stuff of legend.

Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc and its subsidiaries were later purchased by IAP Worldwide Services (IAP), a global company which specializes in facility management, logistics, technical services and professional services throughout the world.

IAP Worldwide began as a logistics and procurement company contracted to provide generator supplies to the U.S. Army bases in Saudi Arabia. During Operation Desert Storm, IAP Worldwide Services provided the U.S. Army with generators, mobile power generators, emergency disaster relief and transportation relief.

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Due to its dedicated and trustworthy services during Operation Desert Storm, IAP Worldwide became a trusted U.S. military partner and to this day continues to provide the same procurement and technical services that it did during Operation Desert Storm. IAP Worldwide Services has since expanded its operations into multiple public and private sectors and has won various government service contracts totaling $370 million.

After IAP bought out Johnson Control Worldwide Services, Inc. it continued to expand on its operations and became better equipped to provide global logistic services, as well as advance its professional and technical services. IAP did not stop with the acquisition of Johnson Controls Worldwide Services either. Since the company wanted to further its reach and branch out into the often harsh environments of emerging markets, IAP decided to purchase GS Systems, Ltd., a British engineering company which supplies a wide-range of facility services and construction solutions. GS Systems, Ltd. is known for its ability to maintain and operate in challenging locations throughout the world, which made it a perfect fit for IAP and its emerging markets expansion goals.

Today, IAP Worldwide Services and its 1,600 employees operate in over 20 countries around the world. The locations of its operations include dozens of military installations within the continental U.S. and throughout the Middle East. Through various acquisitions over the years IAP has been able to improve upon its services and increase its reach, yet its mission still remains the same: help customers to focus on and achieve their goals, as well as provide them with emergency support during times of crisis.

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