The U.S. Money Reserve: Dealing in Precious Metals Since 2001

The U.S. Money Reserve is the only gold company in the world and deals in gold, silver, and platinum. These are primarily in the form of gold and silver coins, but they do offer gold and silver bars as well. It is currently making its website more user-friendly to be able to reach more people. The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and has grown since then into a global force. It is based out of Austin, Texas and the head of the company is Mint Director Philip Diehl.

The U.S. Money Reserve announced that its new website will be the face of the company with more user-friendly with an easier to understand format. There is also a coin gallery so consumers can see what the U.S. Money Reserve deals in. This new website is trying to educate people on the importance of buying and owning government-issues coins and bullion, as well as making the experience of buying precious metals with gold coins a pleasurable one.

The new website also has a Knowledge Center where customers can go to learn about gold and gold bullion. They are able to sign up for a free Gold Information Kit and visit the Knowledge Center to get information on precious metals and also the terminology that comes with purchasing, grading, and coin minting.

The new website boasts a tool that allows the U.S. Money Reserve to show quality content across different platforms, make it easier to contact and interact with clients, and offer precious metals for sale in an innovative online store. There is also live pricing options on gold and silver to ensure the customers get the best price of gold and silver. The site offers one-on-one private consultations, special releases that can only be found offline, and secure transactions with a BuyBack Guarantee so there is no loss to the customer.

The U.S. Money Reserve has a few different ways that customers or potential customers can get in contact with them. You can sign up through email, through Facebook or Twitter, call the toll free numbers, have them call you by filling out a short form, or mailing any questions or concerns to their mailing address. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are looking forward to doing business with you.