Squaw Valley Statement

In response to the water quality issue on Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, the following statement has been released by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. It is important to note that while this issue continues to be addressed, there is top to bottom skiing available at Squaw Valley.


As many in the area know, October brought in a heavy rain storm with a larger than usual amount of rainfall. This storm had an unfortunate effect on multiple sites within the Placer County water systems. In spite of the upgrades to the water equipment that was conducted this summer, Squaw Valley did see an inordinate amount of water, which in fact inundated these new upgraded systems.


High Camp and Gold Coast, specifically, were the locations where there was an overabundance of water that even the improved system could not handle. It was in these two areas that the contamination occurred, please note that this contamination affected only one system. Again, the contamination was limited to just one system, and at no time was this water accessible by the public.


Routine tests detected the contamination, and the Placer County Environmental Health Department, and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings also went above and beyond requirements, and consulted with independent water safety experts. These leading experts were able to guide and direct the mountain resort on the best way to address the issue. Squaw Valley continues to consult with these water safety professionals, and will continue with the consultative guidance until all water in the Squaw Valley system has returned to safe and normal levels.


Utilization of all water from Gold Coast and High Camp will continue to be withheld until safety officials confirm that all water from that system is completely safe and does not, in any way, pose any health risks to the public. During this period of service interruption, bottled water will be provided free of charge.


Placer County along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District continue to work alongside Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in their combined effort to address and resolve this issue.

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