Wes Edens Continues To Develop The Milwaukee Bucks As A Basketball Force

The Milwaukee Bucks have been one of the enigmas of the NBA for a long period of time showing flashes of brilliance during a history dating back to 1968. The Bucks won their only NBA Championship to date in 1971 and have failed to win their division since 2001. New York-based billionaire, Wes Edens took control of the franchise in 2014 and immediately set about changing the culture of the franchise with an investment in a basketball arena costing more than $500 million. View Wes Edens profile at linkedin.

Wes Edens delivered the proposed stadium in less than four years and continues with ambitious plans to regenerate the Entertainment District of Milwaukee over the coming years. The first stages of the regeneration of downtown Milwaukee will begin with four entertainment-based buildings flanking each side of Fiserv Forum arena planned to create a major entertainment and dining experience. Fans of the Bucks had been concerned the team would depart its home in Milwaukee, but Wes Edens had promised a new arena would satisfy his desire to add to the history of the team in its home city.

In the summer of 2018, Wes Edens oversaw the opening of Fiserv Arena alongside fellow franchise shareholder, Marc Lasry. The business partners have created a model for redeveloping an ailing franchise Edens is now taking to the international stage with his latest sporting venture. As Fiserv Forum was opening, Edens announced he had also purchased a controlling interest in the English soccer team, Aston Villa. Comparisons between the Bucks and Villa are easy to make as both are former champions in their respective sports who had fallen on tough times before the arrival of Wes Edens as their owner. At Aston Villa, Edens is joined by Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris in attempting to return one of the best-known clubs in Europe to its former position in the English Premier League.

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Waiakea Water Hawaii’s Specialty

Bottled water is something that everyone knows about. You can find it in any store across the world. The bottled water world has grown to over one hundred billion dollars. Pretty much everyone consumes bottled water. This article is about a different type of bottled water, Waiakea Water, and why it is so different.

As I am sure you are aware, there are tons of different brands and types of bottled water. Even though they all have their own catchphrases saying why they are different, they are pretty much the same. So, what makes Waiakea Water so different? Waiakea Water is produced in Hawaii!

Started in 2012, Waiakea Water is made from volcanic water. It is the only bottled water that is known to be filtered through volcanic rock. Another cool thing about Waiakea is that they use a one hundred percent recycled plastic bottle that is completely degradable. While all other plastic water bottles take thousands of years to break down, these bottles will break down in about five years.

The great thing about these bottles being fully degradable is that it will help to reduce pollution. Eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. Imagine what kind of toll that takes on the sea life. Having degradable bottles will help to save hundreds of sea life each year. Also, every liter bottle that is bought from this company means that a bottle will be donated to people who need help.

Hawaiian volcanic water has many benefits, but this company that produces Hawaiian volcanic water is especially special because of the way that they care for the environment. They care greatly about their customers, but the way they treat the environment really stands out. Their name is growing, and once more people realize the great impact they are placing on the world, I am sure more and more people will buy from them.


Big entrepreneurial risks ultimately pay off for GreenSky founder, Zalik

The mythos of the American entrepreneur often entails two things: someone with a compelling, unique or brilliant vision who is willing to take huge personal risks to achieve them. The fact is, however, that most famous self-made business people in the United States over the last 100 years have primarily gotten to where they are through a far less romantic route, that of borrowing large sums of other people’s money.

David becomes Goliath

However, every once in a while, you encounter a true Horatio-Alger-type story of an entrepreneur who came from nothing and risked it all to pursue their singular vision. David Zalik, the founder of GreenSky , stands with Ray Kroc, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison as an American entrepreneur who is truly self-made, the product of an insane work ethic and the willingness to take risks that would leave most people neurotic wrecks.

In the mid-2000s, Zalik saw a huge opportunity to create tremendous value through connecting a high-end subset of retail consumers with instant point-of-sale loans. Zalik pitched his idea to a few banks — he knew that he did not want partners who might try to adversely influence the direction of the company’s grand strategy — but no one was willing to back up his radical idea. Eventually, Zalik made the decision to effectively reverse-mortgage his entire real estate empire, which represented his entire net worth of around $12 million. If GreenSky  would have failed, Zalik would have lost an entire lifetime’s worth of accumulated wealth and would have had to start over from absolute scratch.

As it so happened, GreenSky  quickly proved its worth in the marketplace. Starting out in the home improvement sector, Zalik was able to connect high-end homeowners, who typically had FICO scores in the 800-plus range, with some of the top lenders in the country. He was able to offer instant point-of-sale loans to these homeowners through the general contractors that would come to their homes and give them estimates. Because so many of these deals were falling through due to lack of customers liquidity, GreenSky  instantly proved to be able to create a multi-billion-dollar-per-year market.


Stream Energy, a Company Very Committed to Philanthropic Efforts

Stream Energy was recently featured on a patch.com article on the basis of its commitment to giving to deserving causes. Stream Energy is a leading direct selling and connected life services company, providing their customers with energy, wireless, protective, and home services. Stream started out merely as an energy company but expanded its business to include connected life services (such as international wireless plans, Virtual MD, digital voice service, and more). Stream currently provides services to nine states (New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Texas) and Washington D.C. In the state of Texas, Stream Energy was named as one of the state’s Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. Annually, Stream takes in over $8 billion in revenue, some of which it gives generously to deserving charities, causes, and needy people.

Stream Energy is so committed to giving back to the community that it has created a separate arm in its company called “Stream Cares” in order to do so. Theses philanthropic efforts includes donating money to victim of natural disasters, homeless children, and veterans. When Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston neighborhoods, causing lives, homes, and pets to be lost, Stream Energy funded Houston’s recovery effort with some of the proceeds from its direct energy sales. In addition, Stream helped ease the financial burden of its customers who were impacted by Hurricane Harvey with some of the proceeds. Another natural disaster where Stream extended its helping hand was when a series of tornado struck Northern Texas in 2016. Stream not only mobilized its members to assist the Salvation Army in its efforts to raise money for the victims but also matched the amount of money raised—doubling it. Stream Energy philanthropic efforts also includes working with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in giving to local grassroots programs, teaming up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to improve the lives of 1000 homeless children, and working with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide moral and monetary support to veterans and their families.



Global Expansion Strategies at OSI Industries

Over the past five years of operation, OSI Industries major focus has been on both domestic and international expansion. Since the debut of its Chair and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin to the company in the 1970s, it has experienced dramatic growth. He has been actively involved in enhancing and fueling its initial and continued global expansion strategies.

OSI Industries has successfully acquired and purchased firms along its line of operation that will greatly contribute towards its future sustainability. The acquisition of Baho foods aids in its efforts to expand its market reaches into the Netherlands and the entire European market. Additionally, the company acquired flagship Europe in 2016 with an aim of reaching out to its clients based in the U.K as well as other parts of Europe. The acquisition would also help in improving service delivery in the already existing markets.

Moreover, OSI purchased the former Chicago-based Tyson Foods plant in 2017. Through its extensive space, OSI can effectively serve its clients in North America by increasing its production. The facility will greatly contribute towards meeting the increasing demand for OSI products in the market. Another expansion facility is the company’s production plant based in Spain, Toledo. The plant facilitates high-capacity production as well as advanced means of receiving, refrigerating and transporting facilities.

OSI Industries was first established and run by Otto & Sons as a small meat and butcher shop in 1909. During this time, the shop served people living in Chicago suburbs. Its first major breakthrough was in 1955 when it was chosen to supply the first McDonald’s restaurant chain. Still, under its original name, the venture established a plant in West Chicago in 1973 committed to the core business of processing beef for the McDonald’s. It later expanded to Utah and Germany while still serving the McDonald’s.

In the 1980’s the firm opened other establishments in Brazil, Spain, Austria and Taiwan. By 1980s OSI’s presence was evident in more regions such as Mexico, Philippines as well as various countries in Europe. OSI is currently operating about 65 facilities in 17 different countries globally. Besides the production of beef, fish, pork, poultry, vegetables and dough products, the firm also offers snacks and condiments. It thrives in a diverse team of roughly 20,000 employees working all around the globe.

OSI Industries has received several prestigious awards for its efforts in maintaining safety and environmental standards. The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois.

OSI Group and The Magnificent Methods That Sustained 100 Years of Success

It cannot be denied that a company’s growth may both have to do with its workforce as well as the leadership of its founders or principals. Many companies today go bankrupt not because of lack of capital or because of lack of customers, but they go down because of the inept skills of its leadership. Principals may not have the right vision of the company, and this breaks the foundation of the firm. Fortunately, the workforce and leadership of OSI Group has never been stronger. Its vision is consistent and the company’s workforce are more than inspired to give their best for the growth of the firm.

One of the factual reports that show how much growth OSI Group has reached today is from the news portal Gazette Day. The report indicates how OSI Group has established itself as a company with a number of years already of proven innovation in the field of food production and distribution. The report affirms that OSI Group is right now considered to be one of the largest, intensely consistent food providers that have international reach. From the humble beginnings of its founder Otto Kolschowsky to its reputation right now as a company with 20,000 employees, it’s really not that hard to see how this reputation is earned.

It is also established in the essay that OSI Group’s history already reaches 100 years. That’s a testament of a company that knows the real proven methods of handling a business. That’s a firm that shows a good sign of reliable business structure that has been tested by time. In addition to that, an article from Meat Poultry website also added the proof of such reliable business structure. It stated that OSI International Foods has recently just built a merger with Turosi Pty Ltd. in Australia. The level of trust that Turosi puts for OSI here is more than enough proof that OSI’s stronger than ever in terms of brand reputation, reliability and consistency.

Meat Poultry added that Turi Foods and OSI would still be operating their plants outside of Thomastown and Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The firms see this as a strategy that would even bring more profitable results, lowering production costs and unforeseen overhead expenses.

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Mike Baur Is Providing Opportunities To Entrepreneurs Around The Globe

Starting up a new business today is a scary thought, given the difficulty in the industry today. There are so many startups on a regular basis that it makes it difficult for a business in nearly any market to stand out from the competition. For the majority of individuals, breaking into the industry doesn’t seem feasible, especially after failing once or twice already. Mike Baur thinks this is a shame as there are many great ideas out that that do not reacht he public simply because of lacking management skills or proper business strategy. With the right help, nearly anyone can be successful with their startup idea, and that is what Mike Baur is helping to do. Mike started up the Swiss Startup Factory along with two other partners in order to help people find success in business.


In a relatively short period of time, the Swiss Startup Factory has managed to build a big network that spreads around the globe. With the companies high success rates for churning out successful startups and popular accelerator program, they have become one of the top startup companies in Switerzland. Their unique accelerator program not only helps their clients find success but it builds on their own network as well.


The Swiss Startup Factory was founded by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister, all of which had the same visions in mind to help create more successful businesses find their way into the world. As the company’s CEO, Mike Baur ensures the company’s finances are regularly on track for proper growth and new projects for their clients. Mike has no troubles with this task with his extensive experience in the field of finances, having held positions at banks all over Switzerland. After completing his education, earning his MBA, Mike went on to work at banks throughout Switzerland, holding many positions for company boards as well as maintaining an executive position at Switzerland’s leading private bank. Even though Mike was very successful and accomplished in his field, he decided it was time to test his ability to manage a company and create a successful startup of his own.


Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas For that Perfect Shape and Size You Always Desired

It is no secret that women are very conscious about their bodies and the way they look. Most of the women do everything they can to look good and take proper care of them, whether it is regarding the food they eat, the exercise they do, the number of hours they sleep, and so on. However, even with so much effort, the lifestyle we lead can sometimes take a toll on the body. Combine it with the genetic contour of our bodies; some women may have difficulty accepting their body the way it is when compared to the so-called model figure people have in mind.


If you are unhappy with the way your buttocks look, whether it is regarding its shape or size, rest assured that the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can get it to the shape and size you desire. Consult with the professional plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX, and he or she would guide you as to what can be done to get you the desired results. You need to stop smoking or drinking alcohol for the specific period around the surgery and must follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly to aid in the operation that would be conducted.


In Dallas, TX, many professional plastic surgeons have done numerous butt lifts for their patients. North Texas Plastic Surgery is a clinic that you can consider when looking for clinics that can help you get the butt lift you want. Other famous plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas, are Ricardo Meade, Jeff Angobaido, Naveen Setty, Sameer Jejurikar, Sacha Obaid, and more. Getting a butt lift to get that model like shape and size would boost your confidence and help you feel good about your body. It would also help you attract the right attention in your personal life as well.

Roberto Santiago: Advancing the Experience

While Brazil continues to suffer from a crushing financial crisis, there is one industry that persists, and possibly even thrives, in this environment. Shopping malls continue to be a place of solace for people that are struggling in their day to day lives. They provide entertainment with cinemas, shopping with the most up to date merchandise, and a variety of other establishments. They also tend to become a gathering point for quality social interactions. Skilled entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago, saw the potential in these types of establishments. He set out to use his knowledge to create his own shopping mall, one that would set itself apart from the rest.


Since his birth in 1958, Santiago has always had a head for business. He knew that when enrolling in school at Pio X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa, where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Santiago’s plan was simple, he wanted to create a place where people wanted to gather and shop. His vision started to come to fruition when he purchased the land needed for his new shopping mall in 1987. In 1989, just two years later, the shopping center dubbed Manaira opened its doors to the eager public. Santiago’s vision had come true and would become more successful than he ever dreamed it could be.


Manaira remains a very popular destination to this day. One of the most used and interesting attractions of Manaira is Domus Hall. This facility is located directly on top of the main Manaira building. This concert hall can be converted to accommodate a variety of events, making it a unique rental space. It can safely accommodate 4,000 patrons seated and over 10,000 if they chose to stand. This two-story venue is also a wonderful option because the second story houses private suites and dressing rooms, as well as more privacy for guests. In addition to its normal grandeur, there is also a VIP room for special events and guests.


Manaira’s gaming area and cinemas are also a source of great pride for Santiago. With the cinemas providing state of the art entertainment, patrons feel like they are truly getting the best that their money can provide. With over 300 different machines, the gaming portion of Manaira is also a sight. Patrons will feel as though there is something for everyone when stepping into these smaller venues.


Santiago is truly a king of his industry. Not only did he set out to create a place where people could go an enjoy themselves, he executed that dream perfectly. With over 300 unique stores, a beautiful concert center, diverse gaming opportunities, and advanced cinema technology, Manaira would be a feather in any businessman’s cap.


OSI Industries Makes Huge International Expansion Deal

Discover what’s inside your food and its origins from the interactive OSI Industries Inc. website. Do you ever wonder what’s in your food? OSI is committed to the highest standard of government regulation for food processing. They understand how important it is to adhere to the strict mandates in food processing and a stabilized network. OSI Industries Inc. based in Zurich, Illinois and proudly operated by CEO, David A. McDonald. They have a strong team of professionals with quality expertise in putting millions of safe and organic meals on the table around the world.

OSI International Expansion Deal

International business group has been the focus of many companies, but in effort to expand for OSI. They”be successfully been able to created a partnership with Flagship Europe to operate their main food production plant. The deal was worth an estimated $7.4 million dollars and has created significant business growth for Europe. OSI has recently celebrated a 20 year anniversary in China; supplying the industries top gourmet food ingredients. They would hope to expand their international business to match that of their United States and Asia food production deals. They also expect to expand their organic vegetables to India.

They have put meals on the table of thousands of families, restaurants, dell’s, and grocers. Many people are unaware they’re eating an OSI diet, but are guaranteed a safe meal. They continue to be committed to processing quality food products. OSI process food condiments, frozen poultry, pie fillings, sandwich fillings, hot dogs, meat patties, and organic vegetables. Their initiative is to take on additional food products to expand their variety. You’ll be glad to know your family or business can processed food everyone will enjoy. Their meals add to a great diet giving their customers superior nutritional value.

Their disclosure clause gives customers full details of their foods origin and ingredients. They have offered to train other big name food corporation in transparency to gain consumer trust. To can find a unique employment opportunity with OSI. They offer diverse careers around the world. OSI Industries Inc. team members are proud of their position and contribution to food safety. Their is a list of career opportunities and qualifications listed directly on their website. Visit their interactive OSI website to learn more about their food processing, leadership team, partnerships, and expansion deals today. Feed your family a superior diet with OSI Industries.

OSI Grou’s Social Media: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/