Bernardo Chua Has Made An Impact In The World Of Direct Sales

Bernardo Chua is an established businessman who has made an impact in the world of direct sales. Chua is the leader of Organo Gold. The company became a major force in its industry by introducing a product known as Ganoderma to the public market. It is cherished in the Asian world and is known for its healing abilities as well as healthcare qualities. Chua was able to package the substance into coffees, teas and other edible products. He then began marketing his items to an international consumer base. View Bernardo Chua’s profile on LinkedIn

Chua credits his Chinese background for understanding the importance of the herb. He packaged up the substance and began his marketing campaign within the Pacific Rim. His efforts were met with great success. Chua then set out to spread his brand.

Bernardo Chua chose direct sales as a method to get his products out to the rest of the world. He has been recognized by many award giving organizations for his sales techniques. Chua also received the National Shopper’s Choice Award. Each of these were issued to commemorate his excellence in direct sales.

Organo Gold has moved its corporate offices to Canada. The company has more than 1 million distributors worldwide. Chua knew that the Canadian government imposes strict regulation on products. He believes that this process gives his products the prestige that is needed to appeal to customers around the world.

Bernardo Chua set out to bring Ganoderma to the western region of the world in 2008. He believed that his products would be as successful there as they were in the Asian markets. After only 5 years Chua had built Organo Gold up to the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. He has since gone on to educate people about the different benefits of the ganoderma herb. Chua believes that continually reaching out to people and distributing knowledge will help them become aware of the different benefits of the products.