You Are More Productive When You Have the Motivation To Get the Job Done


UpWork is a company in California that helps to connect businesses and their executives to one another. Connections help to bridge the gap between being alone and mutual company.

“No man can remain an island unto his own.”


UpWork sat down recently to talk about an assortment of topics, including the connection between man and the everyday tasks he must endure.

“There is a connection between a person’s soul and the task at hand. The task is more likely to get completed when there is a mutual awareness.”

-An Executive at UpWork

1) Yoy are more likely to get your to-do list finished when you have the motivation. Each time your soul connects to the task at hand, there is an overwhelming sense of importance in what you are doing. You need to be present at the moment and disregard everything else. It is similar to the idea of prioritization. Do you like doing dishes? You are going to enjoy the task more when you are doing something you want. Some people like doing dishes. Some people like washing the car. Pick what you enjoy and make it a priority.

2) Not every job that you had on your list a year ago is going to be necessary now. Things change. Sometimes a reevaluation of priorities is a good thing. A to-do list generally includes things necesaary at the moment. It might be time to reinvent the list.

3) Your to-do list is more than just an itemized itinerary of mundane tasks. This a list that holds value to you and your family. You list sets you apart from everyone else. Take pride in that list and it will take pride in you. That soul connection is your chance to breathe light into the ordinary and mundane.

“Each time the soul connects to something positive there is a shred of light that shines through.”


NewsWatch TV reviews: Is it good for crowdfunding

NewsWatch TV is a television channel that airs through the main networks in the country. It is one of the channels which are doing an outstanding job of making new products to be known in the market. If you have a business that is making a product that you would like to go out to the public, this is the channel to go for. After you air your advert with then, you can expect sales to go up by a huge margin. Why is that so? First of all. This channel has a good reputation that goes back to 1990. For 28 years now, it has been helping business people to advertise their products in a unique way, no other company in the industry can come close to what this business has done in using the television show to deal with product promotion exclusively.

NewsWatch TV is not only doing product advertisement, but it is also in the business of helping the people do other things such as crowdfunding. Once an appeal is made through this channel, there has been an instant increase in the contributions. A good example is an appeal made by the manufacturer of Sirius B pocket PC. The appeal was made on Indeagogo and advertised on the NewsWatch TV channel. The company wanted to raise $10,000 in one month. They did a one minute advert on NewsWatch TV as part of trying out NewsWatch TV reviews. The advert was shown on the television show as well as the only platform.

After the initiative, the results were impressive. At the end of 30 days, they had raised $456,551 which is way above what they were expecting to raise. These results show that the campaign achieved its intended purpose. With 95 million households watching the advert, this was one of the best ways of making an appeal and converting viewers to customers.

Find out more about NewsWatch TV Reviews: https://newswatchtvreviews.wordpress.com/


Academy of Art University Seven Classic Cars Consigned by Academy of Art University

Mecum’s “The Daytime Sale” auction will be taking place on August 23 through 25 in Monterey. Featured will be the consignment of seven exceptional cars from the collection of San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

The university recently announced that they hired a new chief executive for its ‘Art on Wheels’ collection. Plans are to open that collection as a museum for the public instead of having it open only to students who are studying car restoration and design, or visitors who make an appointment. That will enhance its appeal to a wider audience.

The Art on Wheels grouping includes the following:

  • 1929 Duesenberg convertible sedan Model J, which is expected to sell for between $1 million and $1.1 million. It was one of only 31 convertible sedans with a Murphy body. In 1991, it underwent restoration and won AACA Senior honors.
  • 1971 Mercedes-Benz 280SE convertible, sold in the USA when new and later restored by Tito’s European Autohaus of California.
  • 1940 Packard Super Eight convertible sedan, which producer and director Bill Wilder used to drive Ginger Rogers together with her mother to and from “The Major and the Minor” movie set.
  • 1940 Cadillac Series 75 town car, one of only 53 produced and winner of Most Elegant honors at Santa Barbara.
  • 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K cabriolet B that has retained its original chassis, engine and body.
  • 1936 Packard Super Eight 1404 sport phaeton, one of only two existing.
  • 1932 Packard Eight 902 coupe, which, after being restored in 1993, was a Senior winner in the AACA Grand National.

More About the University

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco teaches car design and also has a vehicle restoration program. Approximately 250 mostly prewar cars give students examples of coach building and design techniques, but students also focus on contemporary vehicles as they learn how to create them for the future, with some of them becoming automotive interior designers. The cars being sold are to make room for more contemporary vehicles that are expected to relate better to the work of the students.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: https://www.niche.com/colleges/academy-of-art-university/

Sentient AI Technology And How It Helps In Companies’ Marketing Strategies

There are many reasons why Sentient AI and Conversion Rate Optimization are relevant in digital marketing. Sentient AI is essential for manufacturing companies, e-commerce sites, and other digitally integrated companies, but is the reasons you read online that accurate? Are they based on facts and case analysis? In this article, we will address that concern. We will identify here the key points and the various reasons why the manufacturing industry and other firms really need Sentient AI in improving their conversion rate.

I will try to compare and contrast with you some of the techniques and procedures marketing companies had used before about how Sentient AI can help in conversion rate optimization in sales and how it will be a better, cheaper and more efficient alternative. We will list down here some of the ways that marketing online thru Sentient AI will provide better strategies for identifying, qualifying, and engaging with new leads and prospects, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Let’s start.

Manufacturing Before And After Sentient AI

Before the marketing strategies online resurfaced, manufacturers simply relied on television, radio programming and newsprint to establish their brand. All of these companies acquire the services of these companies to make sure that they reach their target goals.

These are reliable platforms today, but because there’s no competition, it was expensive to pay for advertising on these platforms. The amount that people paid for to acquire the services of TV and radio would reach to an insurmountable rate even if these strategies don’t give too much of a difference in terms of conversion After digital marketing, all of these changed.

The main thing that online marketing through various Sentient AI technologies provided for manufacturers is the leverage of competition. With the competition in place, the other platforms have a better incentive to give a more reasonable rate. With the tools in Sentient AI, it is now more cost-effective to market a product even in a lower budget. Visit fundacity.com to know more about Sentient.

Track Record

The Sentient AI technology has also shown a lot of improvement in the company’s conversion rate. Other than that, the complex solutions from Sentient AI also give more accuracy, measurable and predictable results and returns for manufacturers. Advertisers can now ensure more accurate numbers and customer feedback because of internet algorithms. This means that the companies who use such AI technologies will not pay beyond the budget they set or beyond what is reasonable. No overcharge. No programs that are priced so high, that a small business can’t afford. This advantage is one of the many things that Sentient AI technologies can bring.