Sussex Healthcare’s New CEO

It is a fact that Sussex Healthcare has a new chief executive officer according to their recent announcement. Amanda Morgan-Taylor started her work with Sussex this month. She had to take her time to study the company as well as its employees and the locations of the home before she began her role formally. Within the short while she has been with the organization, Amanda has already brought a difference. She has collaborated with the management team to come up with a new position in the organization. Now the company will have a new director who will be in charge of compliance, service improvement, and quality.

The new CEO of Sussex Healthcare, Amanda has been serving in the independent and public areas of social and health care for 30 years. She is a mental nurse since 1984 and has gone ahead to serve in different senior roles. She has worked before as a service manager, managing director, and quality development director. Amanda is aware of how the care providers and council work to ensure quality service and improved general performance of an organization because she has had the opportunity of working with both local authorities as well as the independent care providers. In addition to this, she had helped organizations that needed help when it came to operational challenges, delivery aid, and restore confidence and hope in the stakeholders.


Amanda is ready to work with the senior management of Sussex Healthcare including the staff working with the company’s homes to bring about desirable outcomes. She is committed to the highest quality of care, and that is what she wants all the company’s residents to enjoy. According to Sussex Healthcare, Amanda’s appointment is very valuable to the organization as it came at a crucial moment. She will help the company to continue with its vision of offering the best possible care to its clients. The first duties of Amanda in the organization will be going around all the homes under Sussex and meet with the caregivers, the residents, as well as the families of the residents. This is supposed to give a clear picture of what is going on in the homes and how best to change the situation for even better results. Sussex Healthcare is the provider of elderly care in UK. Sussex is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.

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