NewsWatch TV reviews: Is it good for crowdfunding

NewsWatch TV is a television channel that airs through the main networks in the country. It is one of the channels which are doing an outstanding job of making new products to be known in the market. If you have a business that is making a product that you would like to go out to the public, this is the channel to go for. After you air your advert with then, you can expect sales to go up by a huge margin. Why is that so? First of all. This channel has a good reputation that goes back to 1990. For 28 years now, it has been helping business people to advertise their products in a unique way, no other company in the industry can come close to what this business has done in using the television show to deal with product promotion exclusively.

NewsWatch TV is not only doing product advertisement, but it is also in the business of helping the people do other things such as crowdfunding. Once an appeal is made through this channel, there has been an instant increase in the contributions. A good example is an appeal made by the manufacturer of Sirius B pocket PC. The appeal was made on Indeagogo and advertised on the NewsWatch TV channel. The company wanted to raise $10,000 in one month. They did a one minute advert on NewsWatch TV as part of trying out NewsWatch TV reviews. The advert was shown on the television show as well as the only platform.

After the initiative, the results were impressive. At the end of 30 days, they had raised $456,551 which is way above what they were expecting to raise. These results show that the campaign achieved its intended purpose. With 95 million households watching the advert, this was one of the best ways of making an appeal and converting viewers to customers.

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