Malcolm Casselle: A New Kind OF Entrepreneur

Malcom Casselle is most commonly known for his impressive entrepreneurial abilities. He has is the CIO of the company OPSkins. Opskins is the best method of trading video game virtual assets in the whole world. The users of the digital merchant continuously make payments regardless of what country they are in. It has so many transactions happening on a daily basis all around the world, that the next natural course of action is to have a decentralized market place. A decentralized market place is necessary because the centralized markets have too many limitations when it comes to virtual assets.

A new method for trading virtual assets has been created by the same people that created OPSkins. This time, the new blockchain platform has been created as a P2P marketplace. This means that the trading of virtual assets will be much more direct. The name of the new blockchain company is WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange). Blockchain is the same method that cryptocurrencies are using to guarantee digital safety and privacy. The decentralized market has made the buying and selling of virtual assets much more efficient. The new and improved marketplace has solved some of the most important issues that the centralized markets were facing such as fragmentation and fraud.

The current president of WAX is Malcolm Casselle. Malcolm Cassell has been known to invest in some of the most successful and lucrative business ventures. Among these are Facebook and Zynga. Malcolm has an educational background in Computer Science from the prestigious Universities of Stanford and MIT. He also fluently speaks Mandarin and Japanese. Apart from being involved in investing in lucrative businesses and running others, he has also co-founded and been the CTO of NetNoir, one of the first production websites that are focused of Afrocentric culture.

The way that the WAX company operates is through the use of tokens. This is to better serve the 400 online players that have already been trading. With the added benefits of the decentralized market platform, users can now feel and be more secure when it comes to online buying, selling, trading and collecting.

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