Michael Hagele Talks About Mountain Biking

Michael Hagele is currently the general counsel for a group of tech companies in the internet, aerospace, biotechnology and defense industries. Besides that, Hagele is also an investor in startup technology companies where he plays a crucial role in the decision making in some of the companies. He owns several firms in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Michael Hagele’s advice on Mountain biking

High-speed mountain biking is often considered by experts as an extreme sport. That is probably why most people shy off from it considering the strenuous nature that comes with it. However, with a positive mental attitude and the right equipment, most people can actually learn mountain biking on their first outings according to an experienced and enthusiast mountain biker, Michael Hagele.

There are certain things that a person can do in order to increase their chances of learning mountain biking even faster. One of them is by attending mountain bike skills camps. There are remarkable programs offered in places such as Northeast U.S, Northern Virginia and in California. The other option is to start practicing mountain biking at your local area together with one or two friends who have been involved in mountain biking before. Read more about Michael at premiergazzete.com

Start with a great piece of equipment

According to Michael Hagele, anyone venturing into mountain biking should start out with a great deal of equipment. Being a tech industry professional, Hagele suggests that beginners should go for only high-quality mountain biking equipment regardless of whether they are borrowed, rented or bought. It is important to note that all mountain bikes should have a thicker frame, sturdier and wider tires. The following are other recommended features for mountain bikers who are getting started.

 Disk braking – This is a closed system of reservoirs and hoses with hydraulic

 Dual suspension system – The bike should also have a front-gear for optimal shock absorption

 Hydraulic seat post dropper – The bike should have an adjustable pedaling seat to make navigation easier.

Physical preparations

It is worth noting that mountain biking is an aerobic exercise or sport. Therefore according to Michael Hegele, it is important to get yourself in a good physical shape probably at a gym or any other form of training. Follow:https://www.instagram.com/michael_hagele/


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