Sightsavers is Helping Children in Zambia

Recently, Jo Howard who is the head of global fundraising at Sightsavers traveled to the African nation of Zambia in order to assess how the donations given by Sightsavers’ supporters were helping to improve the lives of children. Ms. Howard began her time in Zambia with a long ride to the Western Province and its main city of Mongu.

In Mongu, Ms. Howard observed doctors at the Lewanika Hospital conduct several eye examinations. While at the hospital, arrangements were made for Ms. Howard to travel into an area of rural Zambia where Sightsavers had received a report that there were children suffering from trachoma.

Trachoma is a very serious eye infection. It is a very painful condition. If it is left untreated, the condition can often lead to complete blindness.

Sightsavers is committed to helping the children of Zambia. However, it is often very difficult to reach people who live in these out of the way areas. Ms. Howard and the team had to travel to an area that had no roads to speak of. Much of the way was muddy and sandy causing the SUV they were traveling in to become stuck on several occasions.

When the team arrived at the village, the people were quite happy to see the team from Sightsavers. One of the village elders was amused about Jo Howard’s name. He couldn’t understand why her parents would give her a name that sounded like a man’s name.

The team was taken to visit three children in the same family who were believed to be suffering from trachoma. Their mother was out working in the fields, but the team was still able to exam the children and confirm the trachoma diagnosis. Lster, the mother came back, and it was discovered that she was suffering from trachoma as well.

All four members of the family were prescribed the antibiotics that are necessary to cure the condition. The team departed with the assurance that they would return to check on the family and make sure that the antibiotics had effectively cleared the trachoma from everyone’s eyes.

Ms. Howard was struck by the fact that something so simple as providing common medications could make such a big difference in people’s lives. She emphasized that Sightsavers is committed to helping people even in hard to reach places.

Nick Vertucci, An Inspiring Teacher and Investor

Nick Vertucci came from a humble family but is currently a highly skilled and successful real estate investor. Nick Vertucci’s father died when he was only ten years old, but he persisted despite the tragedy and became a police officer, focusing on saving people’s lives. Now, Nick Vertucci focuses on saving people financially. He held a position as the CEO and President of Coastline Micro from 2001 to 2007, a company dedicated to computer solutions. Despite leaving, Nick Vertucci still holds ownership interest in Coastline Micro.

Currently, Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor and runs the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which he founded in 2013. The academy focuses on teaching developing investors how to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Interested parties can attend a free workshop to learn the basics of Vertucci’s strategies. The NV Real Estate Academy holds workshops in many locations, such as Houston Texas, Seattle Washington, Tampa Florida, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Minneapolis Minnesota. Vertucci is also the host of Southern California’s popular real estate investment show, The Real Estate Investing Hour.

Many people have been inspired by Vertucci and his real estate academy. He has been described by former students as the most inspiring leader they have ever had the pleasure to meet, the best in the business, and although students have been doubtful about the possibility of success with real estate flipping, they have quickly had success and seen that there was no reason to be skeptical.

Nick Vertucci has written a book called “Seven Figure Decisions”, describing his principles for success that he has used in his business and has taught to his students. He believes that the steps for success are to see it, believe it, map it and execute it. You can’t have success if you don’t believe that you have the ability to, and you can’t just dream instead of pursuing them. But with Vertucci’s real estate academy, you can develop concrete skills to fulfill your dreams.

New Contactless Payments: PSI Pay

Most of the transactions that are accrued out in Britain are done using credit cards. This has been affirmed by the PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables where they attested the cashless payments would take over the market. With that regard, these two companies have merged to provide the contactless mode of mortgages in the market internationally. The contactless payment ring will be the most convenient for lots of people since they will be able to carry out their purchases faster as compared to traditional means of payment where cash was highly used.

The use of contactless payment ring offers great competition to other modes, and the use of cash is overtaken. For instance, the Church of England adopted this mode of payment all over its forty churches. Due to this great embracement of contactless payment method is an indication that the aim of PSI-Pay is achieved. The contactless payment is the use of the debt, sim cards, and credit card to make payments for the commodities. PSI Pay owns the system that provides such services. On the other hand, the affiliate of PSI the Kerv does the same using the proprietary ring.

Some benefits are associated with this mode of payment since it is believed to have comfort, durable and the branded rings are designed to suit all genders. The contactless payment is highly secured hence the consumer have a guarantee that the amount he or she will make will be safe. On the point of sale, the customer will be required to tap the ring or the card that he has, and the payment will be processed.

The transaction is monitored because there is no use of pin or signature to affirm the payment. Therefore, there is a limit for every purchase and will be subjective to the bank of the holder. Therefore, PSI Pay is leading in the market due to its invention and usage of contactless payment. The customers can be able to get the payment cards whether living in the United Kingdom or any other place in the world conveniently. The partnership with Kerv is impactful as that increases the experiences of the customers so that they can be able to purchase both local and international market.

Highland Capital Provides Highly Reliable Investing Service

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Investing is a proven way to secure your financial future. Many people want to invest, or save money for retirement, but do not have a good understanding of how it works. That’s why it is crucial to seek expert assistance.

Professionals at Highland Capital have the knowledge and experience to guide and advise you and ensure that you make the right decision for your situation. Not all investment firms are created equal. It is extremely important to rely on the expertise of a renowned team. It is advisable to turn to qualified financial advisors and wealth building advisor firms for help with all of your investment needs.

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These professionals have great expertise in issues pertaining to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market accounts, bank accounts, precious metals and much more. They can walk you through the process of selecting a viable investment vehicle. They are highly knowledgeable about investments and how to identify opportunities that can potentially increase in value.

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