Mike Baur Is Providing Opportunities To Entrepreneurs Around The Globe

Starting up a new business today is a scary thought, given the difficulty in the industry today. There are so many startups on a regular basis that it makes it difficult for a business in nearly any market to stand out from the competition. For the majority of individuals, breaking into the industry doesn’t seem feasible, especially after failing once or twice already. Mike Baur thinks this is a shame as there are many great ideas out that that do not reacht he public simply because of lacking management skills or proper business strategy. With the right help, nearly anyone can be successful with their startup idea, and that is what Mike Baur is helping to do. Mike started up the Swiss Startup Factory along with two other partners in order to help people find success in business.


In a relatively short period of time, the Swiss Startup Factory has managed to build a big network that spreads around the globe. With the companies high success rates for churning out successful startups and popular accelerator program, they have become one of the top startup companies in Switerzland. Their unique accelerator program not only helps their clients find success but it builds on their own network as well.


The Swiss Startup Factory was founded by Mike Baur, Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister, all of which had the same visions in mind to help create more successful businesses find their way into the world. As the company’s CEO, Mike Baur ensures the company’s finances are regularly on track for proper growth and new projects for their clients. Mike has no troubles with this task with his extensive experience in the field of finances, having held positions at banks all over Switzerland. After completing his education, earning his MBA, Mike went on to work at banks throughout Switzerland, holding many positions for company boards as well as maintaining an executive position at Switzerland’s leading private bank. Even though Mike was very successful and accomplished in his field, he decided it was time to test his ability to manage a company and create a successful startup of his own.


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