Kevin Seawright’s Passion To Help First-Time Homebuyers

Kevin Seawright has spent his career in both public service and in the private market. He spent 10 years working for the city of Baltimore in a variety of supervisory roles including as the Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President/Deputy Chief Operating Officer.

He has developed into a financial and administrative expert who has a keen sense of strategic vision. Seawright is now leading RPS Solutions, LLC (Real Property Solutions) as the company’s Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer.

The Goal of RPS Solutions is to revitalize communities in and around Baltimore by assisting first-time homebuyers to purchase their first home. In order to achieve this mission, RPS Solutions constructs and renovates residential properties that provide affordable housing to area residents.

According to Market Wired, Kevin Seawright oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. He also works with RPS Solutions network of 20 contractors who perform the work on the homes that the company buys and sells. His other duties at the company include ensuring organizational stability, property management, and overseeing the staff of RPS Solutions and its volunteers.

Seawright’s goal since arriving at RPS Solutions in 2015 is to increase the homeownership rate of Baltimore from its present rate of about 48% to 66%. A big step towards that goal was attained in May 2016 when they were able to fill the Belvedere Square neighborhood in Baltimore with first-time homeowners.

When asked about this accomplishment, Kevin Seawright said that it was rewarding to both him and the staff at RPS Solutions to help make this happen. He also said that home ownership is a big part of stable neighborhoods and sustainable neighborhoods.

Another recent accomplishment was when Seawright was able to assist the son of a long-time government colleague purchase his first home.

Jerel Brown’s mother worked with Seawright for several years in the Baltimore city government, and Jerel Brown now works for Baltimore as well. He didn’t think he would be able to afford a home but Seawright pointed him towards a home he had just renovated. Brown’s purchase of the home is another success for both Seawright and RPS Solutions.

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OSI Group – The Leading Partner In Global Food Service

With the reputation of being one of the foremost supplier of custom-made and quality products to leading international retail food chains, the OSI Group is listed among America’s top 100 food companies.

Partnering with prominent food service brands, the organization consistently delivers an extensive range of superior quality products ranging from poultry, seafood, beef, pork and other processed food products across the globe.

Capitalizing on the strength of its global outreach and extensive competency, the OSI Group has a wide range of capability across various segments of the food processing industry, right from sourcing to processing and distribution. With the wealth and experience of nearly 20,000 trained, qualified human resources across 17 countries, the Group can cater to large scale requirements with unfailing quality.

The OSI Group continues to up its production capabilities through recent acquisitions such as the former Tyson’s Food plant, an impressive 200,000 square foot facility in close proximity to the Group’s other Chicago plants. To ensure sustained impetus to continuous business growth and provide a further boost to its existing capabilities, the OSI Group also acquired Flagship Europe, known for its Oliver James pies and sauces, thereby opening additional opportunities for the multi-million dollar Group.

In a bid to further strengthen its presence across Europe, the OSI Group also added Baho Food, a well-established Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and convenience foods. The addition complements the company’s key capabilities and offers a broader customer base in Europe.

The OSI Group also has the rare distinction of being the recipient of the significant ‘Globe of Honour Award‘ at a function held on 25th November 2016 given by the British Safety Council. The award was presented in recognition of the excellent administration of environmental risks and demonstration of superior environmental management.