Squaw Valley Addresses Water Quality

An unusually heavy rainstorm in October inundated the newly upgraded water system at Squaw Valley. As a result, contamination from E.coli and coliform was detected in the drinking water at the upper mountain. Only the new system was affected and contaminated water was never made available to the public. The water is showing improvement after consistent treatment and while the restaurants remain closed, ski slopes are open.


Management at Squaw Valley reported that the Place County Health Department was contacted immediately when routine testing discovered a problem. They also consulted with independent water safety experts and implemented additional treatments and safeguards. The resort intends to continue working with these agents until the water tests within normal levels and there is a consensus that the water is safe. Only then will water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast return to normal usage.


Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released a statement in which she addressed the concerns of the resort’s patrons. She reiterated the steps taken to resolve the issue and reassured their customers of the seriousness with which safety issues at the resort are taken. Until the issue is fully resolved, guests will have normal access to facilities and the resort will provide free bottled water for drinking. Guests will be updated as the process continues and the problems resolved.


No health problems have been reported as a result of the water issues and Ms. Kenney reassured Squaw Valley customers that top-to-bottom skiing can continue to be enjoyed safely.

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