Nationwide Title Clearing Launches An Online Reports-Ordering Platform

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has launched an online property report-ordering platform to eliminate title defects that have been common in the recent months. Such defects have negatively affected the real estate industry as they have lead to wrongful foreclosures and mistrust between buyers and sellers. They have also resulted in the stagnation of the otherwise smooth transition of assets between entities.

Property records are important documents, and their accuracy holds the key to clear title conveyance and elimination of wrongful foreclosures. As a leading research and document-processing services provider for the financial and mortgage industry, it is the responsibility of the NTC to ensure that the documents are accurate and that the titles do not have defects. The company’s updated website is aimed at achieving this goal.

Many factors cause title defects. The most common one is when an entity lays claim to a property that belongs to someone else. The wording of the document is also a common cause of defects, as some wordings may not comply with the real estate regulations of the particular area. Omission of the signature of an important signatory may also lead to a title defect. Other causes of title defects are the failure to follow the proper filing procedure and the inability to remove the previous owner of the property.

According to John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, the company will be providing four critical reports through online ordering. The reports are essential in avoiding title defects. They include tax Status report, Tax Status (plus) Report, Current Owner Report, and Assignment Verification Report Services. The online ordering process for these reports is simple and quick to ensure that every property owner or buyer can access valuable information on time and eliminate title defects. The company is proud of the accuracy of its reports and claims that the documents are based on research carried on actual land records. They have reports for any residential property nationwide. This information was originally mentioned on National Mortgage News as explained in this link

To provide its clients with accurate data, the company undertakes its research from multiple sources. The information is then passed through automated and human verification process to ensure that the data is consistent. Any report with inconsistent data is taken through a unique process that involves researching for the right information. This determination for excellence has seen the company establish itself as the ideal partner for some of the largest lenders in the country.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in 1991 to provide research and document-processing services to the residential mortgage sector. The services availed by the company have played a significant role in the industry and are used by eight of the top ten residential mortgage companies in the United States. The company has won several awards such as the Inc. Hire Power and the Fast 50 Award.

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