Oncotarget: Sharing Vital Information On Cancer Treatments And Breakthroughs

Oncotarget is an open access peer-reviewed medical journal that is published weekly. It covers research dealing with all aspects of oncology. Established in 2010, the journal is produced by Impact Journals. Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors-in-chief. The publication is indexed and abstracted in BIOSIS Previews, Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed, Scopus and the Science Citation Index Expanded. Journal Citation Reports said Oncotarget had 5.008 2015 impact factor. Without journal self cites the impact factor is 3.757. It is a highly respected publication. See: https://pubpeer.com/journals/Oncotarget

The publication is considered a multidisciplinary traditional journal. It is available in an online or a printed version. People can make a special demand and have an issue of the publication printed. Oncotarget has several goals. They include:
1. Disseminating scientific results as quickly and as widely as possible.
2. Allowing for insightful review to maximize the research’s impact.
3. Providing an avenue for the rapid sharing of exceptional discoveries.
4. Remove borders between the specialties in the field.
5. Linking biomedical science’s different fields.
6. Fostering basic and clinical science applications to fight disease.

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Under the guidance and leadership of today’s most prominent scientists, Oncotarget assists all researchers by allowing them to contribute to the progress made by science. The publication’s ultimate goal is life without disease. The publication has been so well received that it has begun to include sections dealing with topics beyond oncology. However, the main focus of Oncotarget remains looking at all cancers’ pathological basis, identifying targets for therapy and treatment protocols that can be used to improve cancer patients’ management.

Oncotarget focuses on how management programs along with new therapeutic protocols and agents impact patient perspectives on adherence, satisfaction and quality of life.

The international journal explores evidence that led to the many exciting new therapies as well as established ones that improve outcomes. It also seeks to define how they should be used relative to uptake and acceptance by both patients and health care professionals. Recent studies published by Oncotarget focused on the impact of e-cigarettes and gum disease and MET amplification and how it can be a potential therapeutic option for patients suffering with gastric cancer.

With just a few keystrokes researchers, health care professionals and patients can get reliable information on the recent breakthroughs and promising treatments and therapies being considered for use in treating a wide variety of cancers. The publication is a useful resource.

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How long does it take to establish a fully functioning gold mine?

Why are diamonds so valuable? They are one of the hardest materials in the world and scarce. Gold is also very durable and scarce.


There are only a limited number of gold deposits on Planet Earth. Due to this inherent scarcity, gold remains the “first and last currency.” All empires fall, eventually. This can be difficult to comprehend, but you need to prepare yourself by protecting your wealth with gold.


“Compare Gold & Paper Scarcity”


Your fiat paper currency is based on your “trust in the United States government.” It even says that on some of the older currency. Furthermore, the United States Dollar bill is actually based on your faith in the Federal Reserve System and United States Treasury.


Whenever, a politician needs more money for a pet project, he can contact the Fed and print more money. Your paper dollar bill is now a Federal Reserve Note. It has no intrinsic value.


“How many trees are there?”


Of course, there are millions of trees. It is easy to chop a tree down, make paper and construct a new paper bill. It is not easy to start a gold mine.


“Decades to Prepare Gold Mine”


The World Gold Council has explained that “significant exploration and development needs to take place” before any gold is extracted. The geologists must assess the size of the gold deposit and determine the best way to extract the ore. Once the business plan is established, capital must be raised.


In the end, it could take a decade before a gold deposit find is turning into a fully functioning mine. This “long development process” maintains the scarcity of gold and keeps it valuable.


“What does US Money Reserve offer?”


US Money Reserve is run by experts, who understand the industry inside-and-out. They will give you an honest appraisal of the reasons why gold can protect your wealth. They identify the latest coins, bars and other products, you can add to your estate.


When you need a trusted adviser, US Money Reserve is in your corner. Many of the wealthy understand the intrinsic value of gold and are purchasing it behind-the-scenes. Follow the actions of the wealthy and protect your own wealth by purchasing the everlasting currency: gold.

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Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a leader in the provision of alternative loans using stocks as the collateral. In the recent past where the economic crisis has slowly hit the world, the need for an alternative financial solution is growing. Therefore, Equities First Holdings presents itself as the next best way to secure fast working capital for your business. These loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets you walk away from the loan without worrying about paying back. For this reason, they allow you to enjoy your investment. As a matter of fact, banks and other lending financial institutions have tightened their loan qualification criteria.

Due to the economic crisis hitting the world they have increased the loan interest rates and cut down their lending options. For this reason, most of their applicants will walk away without meeting their needs. This calls for another better financial solution to get the way. Equities First Holdings offers itself as the reliable financial solution that uses stocks as their collateral to issue loans. While many other large financial institutions allow you to get the stock-based loans, Equities First Holdings offers the best services as a private firm. The large banks like the JPMorgan Chase bank issue stock-based loans. However, they have many restrictions as a public company.

For borrowers who do not qualify for the credit-based loans and need fast working capital, Equities First Holdings has grown enough popularity to serve your needs. While there are numerous options for borrowers out there to secure money for themselves, the banks have cut down their lending criteria. There is an increased interest rate on the credit-based loans.

On the other hand, the stock-based loan allows you to enjoy minimum low-interest rates of up to four percent. For this reason, you will benefit from the proceeds of your loans. Whenever you fail to pay the loans, you can walk away from the loan without any further obligation to the lender. The stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio.

During a three-year loan term, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. For this reason, the borrower must protect their stock values. However, the stock-based loans are here to protect you from because your investment risk is low. For this reason, you will keep the proceeds of the loan without remaining under the lender’s obligation. According to Al Christy, there are marked differences between stock-based loans and margin loans. Moreover, stock-based loans are better.