How The Lovaganza Celebrations Are Set To Bring The World Together

Through the Lovaganza entertainment franchise, there will be a spectacular show that will unite the whole world and offer a unique blend of entertainment and the development of unity across the world. Lovaganza has officially announced that the coveted celebrations will be open in 2020 in the period between May and September. The company is promising an event that is unique and a never-before-seen entertainment experience on

It is the only such event to ever happen across the world, so people should expect a unique show that will leave them elated for the good part of the year. To make the presentations interesting, Lovaganza is going to incorporate the latest entertainment technology.

There is also good time to prepare the trilogies and to reach different parts of the world in the process of marketing. The company is holding these celebrations as a means to unite the world by sharing different cultures and the beauty they should embrace about each other.

Why 2020?
Many people have been asking why the company could not have the celebrations in any other year, say 2017 or earlier than 2020. There are several reasons that motivated Lovaganza to reach that decision and one of them is the preparation required for the event to proceed seamlessly. There is need to integrate the event with modern technology and use different features that are ideal for events of such magnitude.

Before, Lovaganza had picked 2015 but after expert review, they pushed the dates. If it was to be held earlier, the technology used would not match the needs of the magnitude the event is meant to handle. With additional time on Crunchbase, it is possible to adopt current technology and cutting-edge concepts that will make the entertainment experience unique.

About marketing and management
With plans to hold an event that should air across the whole world, Lovaganza needs to create space for marketing. This is the reason the company announced the marketing process will kick off in 2017 and proceed all the way to 2020. To make the promotion process easy, Lovaganza will use the Traveling Show, which is a team of professionals that will travel to virtually all countries across the world to share about the celebrations.

They will inform people about what the celebrations will be targeted at achieving and there are previews prepared to just give people a chance to understand the things that will be highlighted during the celebrations. Reference:

Securus Technologies Counters GTL’s Erroneous Press Release

Years of hearing news about various companies filing cases against each other have taught me that the battle does not always stay within the court, that it can move to an exchange of heated remarks over the internet as the proceedings. This is what happened between the Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link (GTL) – two telecommunication service providers that are currently in a dispute regarding patent infringement.


The Main Issue


The ultimate problem is that both corporations are in an intelligent warfare that concerns the patents that they are filing in the country. The manifest in question at present which has the official patent number 7,256,816 is a technological advancement that will allow the prisoners and their friends or families to schedule and conduct visitations through a video call. A specific connection host will link the partakers in and out of the jail, and this lets the law enforcers oversee the virtual interactions of the inmates with their visitors.


What Both Parties Have To Say


On the 7th of June 2016, the latter released several statements which led down to their claim that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the United States legalized the patent number 7,256,816 under GTL’s name and therefore allowed them to ask the Texas federal court to order Securus to compensate GTL for the inconveniences they had caused to the company.


As a defense to this allegation, Securus Technologies published its own press release in which they pointed out and gave clarifications to every inconsistency that appeared in their rival’s written declaration. In reference to this announcement, Securus mentioned that the court cannot and will not get to mandate them to provide damages to GTL because they are filing motions to rehear the case. They also said that PTAB was yet to make a final decision for the patent. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


In terms of the number of patents approved between the two companies, Securus clearly had more issued and pending patents compared to GTL based on the tabulation that the former revealed. Regardless of the financial costs of this ongoing battle, however, Securus CEO Richard Smith uttered that they are not going to stop defending themselves from the legal and non-verbal attacks of GTL.