Adam Milstein Has Become Known As One Of The Most Influential Jews Of Our Time

Adam Milstein has won an honor that very few people can win. That honor is the Jerusalem Posts’s “50 Most Influential Jews of 2016,” one that includes major figures such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and US Senator Chuck Schumer. Adam Milstein was selected to number 39 on this list thanks to his founding the Israeli-American Council, and for the charity work and contributions he’s made to the Jewish community at large. Milstein is very honored to be mentioned on this list and has thanked his wife and others who have supported him throughout the years. He’s also the founder of the Milstein Foundation, through which much of his philanthropy is conducted.

Milstein was born in Israel to two parents who had returned to the land from Latin American countries when it first became a recognized state in 1948. Adam grew up working with his father, who helped construct buildings, and later in life Adam would become a real estate developer himself. Adam Milstein is also an Israeli veteran who has served his country in the big Yom Kippur War of the 1970s, and he actually fought alongside former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Once the war was over, Milstein continued to pursue higher education, and once that was completed he started his real estate career. In 1981, he and his wife came to the United States where he does most of his work today.

Milstein believes in being heavily involved in all activities that his foundation supports, and he’s established three pillars that guide the foundation’s activities. The first is “active philanthropy,” the second is “Life Path Impact,” and then encompassing all of these is “philanthropic synergy.” The goal of these pillars is to not only show active support to Jewish humanitarian and welfare causes, but to bring oneness and common ground to the communities as well. In addition to founding the IAC, Milstein’s foundation has also founded Birthright Israel, Stand With Us, Project Interchange, and AEII.

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Andy Wirth Joins Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board is proud to have Andy Wirth as one of their newest board members. They feel that Andy will bring many new ideas to his position with the board. Andy was named one of the top 25 minds in hospitality marketing and advertising by Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International for his marketing as CEO at Squaw Valley, a position that he assumed after an illustrative career at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

Andy is from West Germany. He received his education at Colorado University and at Edinburgh University in Scotland. His international travel experience should be a real asset to the board, as he can share ideas about what other airports are doing successfully.

As CEO at Squaw Valley, Andy has successfully turned the ski resort around to become one of the top ski resorts in North America. Some of the biggest changes have come in the area of improving traffic in the resort’s area. Squaw Valley provides over $125,000 for regional transit initiatives. The resort also has offered to assist with funding to alleviate congestion. Closer to home, the resort operates a shuttle between the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows helping to alleviate traffic congestion in the area. Furthermore, they pick up their employees in a shuttle and bring them to work. The resort also offers free premium parking to drivers who have more than four people in their vehicles.

Andy’s commitment to the community is outstanding. The airport authority is glad that he is aboard and looks forward to hearing his awesome ideas for the region. Since he already runs the fourth largest corporation in his area, we are thrilled that he would take time to serve on the board. A short visit with Andy Wirth not only shows that he has a strong business mind but also that he has a strong love for the region that he first visited as a child.

Why Securus’ Video Visitation App is of Benefit to Inmates

When one gets imprisoned, it is quite difficult for frequent communication to take place with his or her family members. The situation is compounded by the fact that most incarceration facilities are often located in far-flung areas, making it difficult to regularly visit loved ones who are jailed. This challenge spurred leading inmate communications firm Securus Technologies into developing a platform that allows inmates to frequently communicate with their friends and loved ones. What’s more, the two parties can make video calls, which makes the platform beneficial all the more.


A recent video posted on popular video streaming site, Vimeo, proves how beneficial the platform is to inmates and their families. In the video, an inmate’s family is seen commemorating his birthday via the platform. It gives him the ability to take part in the festivities despite the fact that he is behind bars. The Video Visit mobile app promises to be a game changer in the inmate communications industry if the video recording is something to go by. The inmate is clearly enjoying every minute, and has a sense of participation in whatever his kids and wife are doing.


About Securus Technologies


The firm has distinguished itself in the inmate communications industry by providing unmatchable products and services, which meet the needs of each incarceration facility. Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its services are available to more than 3,000 local and national prisons in the US. Securus has thrived by providing a wide range of services and products to both law enforcement agencies, and incarceration facilities.


The firm has gained a niche in the industry by proving exceptional emergency response, public information, incident management, biometric information, inmate self-service, and investigation services. It combines these services with high tech solutions. This ensures that the needs of clients are addressed in the most suitable way.


 Securus Technologies is synonymous with pioneering At-Home-Visitation, a video communication tool that has greatly transformed the industry. This tool allows inmates to make video calls to those who are outside. This negates the need for frequent and expensive trips to jails. In addition, family members and friends who wish to make physical visits can similarly schedule the same before the intended date. This way, it is difficult to subject inmates and their loved ones to strict visiting hours. Other products that have been advanced by Securus include Advance Connect and Onsite Video Visitation, which have both been well-received in the market. To read more about the company and its products, click on:

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.