Doe Deere Speaks About The Challenges She Faces As A Businesswoman To Galore Magazine

Entering the world of business is not always an easy choice. Starting a company typically requires not only capital but also a great deal of daring. This is one word that describes the world of Doe Deere. As a woman, she has always been about being her best. As a business owner, the creator of Lime Crime has also been about out there with her choice of products. She tells readers of Galore Magazine that what helps motivate her in life is a sense of daring and fun. She knows that it is imperative to be brave in order to do what she does in her life.

Starting Her Own Company

It was the decision to start her own company that was perhaps her greatest act of bravery. Taking that first daring leap was something that did not come easy, even to someone who has make her career on her willingness to be so daring. Her decision came as she realized that she had something to offer her customers that was unique and fun. She knew that she could offer a world of products and color via Lime Crime that was hard to find anywhere else. This is what still helps motivate her today.

Showing Possibilities

Deere knows that life is really nothing without possibilities. She also knows that her life is also about showing off what is really possible. Her own acts as a businesswoman have been about helping to break down barriers and break in to the business world. This is not always easy even in a field such as cosmetics where the majority of customers are women. She knew that she had to be better than the competition. She had to be on top of current trends and doing her best to help set them for her many followers.

Pushing The Envelop

It is this sense of life as something to lived fully in which ideas are always out there that has helped motivate her. She knows that she can offer a new experience and a new means of self expression at every turn for all those who decide to follow her on social media such as Instagram. Her life today revolves around meeting the needs of her customers and figuring out what they want. This is why she is popular because she is really true to who she is in all areas of her entire life.

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