Athleisure Fabletics in the 21st Century

Athleisure has “somewhat” been around long before the 21st Century, but it is just now becoming more popular and it is a major fashion trend today. Athleisure is basically all that you see now because it seems as though it was meant for the young crowd or to target the younger generation of people. However, it’s not to say that this is meant only for the younger generation, you will more just than likely see younger people wearing these types of clothing at more than one setting.


Many young people will sit at home wearing their hoodies and sweat pants. Hoodies, sweat pants, and yoga pants are comfortable wear. A lot of times, people will go to the gym wearing the same thing. This just seems quite convenient for one to do so.
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Workout clothing has taken a complete turn around compared to where they use to be years or centuries ago. The clothing now are a lot more trendy and with much better style which brings me to talk about Fabletics. You will see more and more individuals wearing this type of clothing to more than just the gym. How about wearing athleisure on a night out in town. There are so many options for the individual person.

Fabletics is for the workout gurus or is it? I am personally a workout guru and I have ordered clothing from Fabletics, but I have also worn these clothing just sitting around my house. Why?  Fabletics does require a membership but if you’re like me, you won’t think twice about grabbing a membership just to sit around in these clothing, go take nice walk in the park, or go to the gym. The quality of the clothing are excellent. Fabletics is definitely great athlesiure to consider.

Fabletics makes it super easy for the ones whom are interested in their line of clothing because you can create your profile and Fabletics will determine what will fit you based on your profile so if I am interested in just yoga pants and tank tops, Fabletics will put it together based on my style. How cool is that?


Compliance Officers of Growing Importance in Corporate World

Compliance officers are the new sheriffs of the corporate world. Their job is to craft, monitor, and enforce policies and procedures designed to ensure companies do not run afoul of local, regional, and national laws, or cause harm to consumers or the environment. They are of growing importance in today’s corporate world where litigation and government oversight work to keep companies in check. While CEOs and CFOs are the faces of the company, the CCO is the one charged with keeping the company working within the law and eliminating gaffs that would put them in the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

Not long ago compliance officers were an afterthought. Today, no major company worth its salt would dare set up shop without one. Compliance officers are the new counterbalance to aggressive commercial action by companies. These professionals are growing in importance because there is often a thin line between aggressively seeking profits for a corporation and violating the letter or spirit of the law. The compliance officer acts as a governor that keeps the company from inadvertently veering off its rails and doing damage to people, property, and the environment. Often the role of the corporate compliance officer is subtle, but it is vitally important.

Helane Morrison is one of the new breed of compliance officers. She is supremely qualified, experienced, and totally committed to justice and fair play. Morrison’s background made her perfect for the position. After earning her law degree from UC Berkley, Helane worked with Appellate Court judge Richard A. Posner for a year. She followed that by clerking for a year for Harry Blackmun, a judge on the U.S. Supreme Court.

After practicing law for 10 years, Morrison decided to take a position with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Her job was to investigate fraud, insider trading, and other corporate crimes. Morrison earned a reputation as a champion of the people. Someone willing to go to the mat with even the best known corporate entities if there was even a hint of wrong doing or malfeasance on their part. After 11 years with the SEC, Morrison was uniquely qualified to take over as Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC and make her mark.

How to Protect Wealth with the U.S Money Reserve

Mr. Philip Diehl, who is the President of the U.S Money Reserve and former Director of the U.S Mint, had an interview at the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio with Eric Dye, the host of the show.

The radio program gives small business owners, entrepreneurs, and principal executives an opportunity to share their most recent inventions, services, products, knowledge, experiences, and strategies. Diehl has been in many media interviews in 2016, where he spoke on various matters such as his leadership history, the future of the gold industry, and the robust customer care of the U.S Money Reserve.

According to the CBS19, Diehl is among the most successful directors that have ever served the U.S Mint, and his accomplishments include the minting of the first platinum coin that is U.S government issued and the 50 States Quarter program.

Philip explained how they transformed a backward organization into a legitimate business agency, which committed six years to improving its customer service and eventually made it be among the best American companies that appropriately satisfy their customers.

From the time Philip became the head of the U.S Money Reserve, has put similar entrepreneurial philosophies into practice and devotion to satisfying client needs, to elevate firm the top United States supplier of government issued valuable metal coins, bars, and bullion.

In 2016, the U.S Money Reserve initiated a self-directed IRA program for precious metals, where clients can own real gold as a way of protecting their retirement wealth while gaining profits as the prices of gold rise. Read more: US Money Reserve Inc. Review – Coin Dealers, Supplies

Consumers are advised to use U.S minted silver, platinum and gold coins since the United States government legally backs them. The U.S minted coins give a certain weight, purity and gold content.

The U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and is among the largest private suppliers of the U.S government issued platinum, silver and gold products. The company’s services are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of customers who want to spread their property with material valuable metals, mainly as U.S silver and gold coins. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The company has employed exclusively trained individuals that include professionals in the numismatic and coin research sectors. The specialists have skillful market information to identify commodities that give the best profit potential for buyers of the highly treasured metals at every level.

The efforts of the U.S Money Reserve go beyond the standards of the industry, to offer outstanding services to their customers with an aim of building long-term relationships with all clients. The U.S Money Reserve’s main offices are in Austin, Texas and is socially responsible.

U.S. Money Reserve Has A New Website And Online Coin Catalogue

In the recent past, U.S. Money Reserve launched its new and advanced online portal, The new look on the site exhibits their status as the leading entity in the precious metals industry. The new features highlight the core values of the company, which are trust and dedication to providing excellent consumer services.

The online redesign captures the new photography of Philip N. Diehl and photo gallery of a new coin. It is imperative to note that Diehl is the distinguished leader of the brand. He is the former director of U.S. Mint and the current president in charge of the U.S. Money Reserve.

The purpose of redesigning the website is to educate consumers on the existing benefits of being in possession of government-issued bullion. The vice president of brand and creative at the U.S. Money Reserve, Ryan Buchanan, asserted that the website has a responsive tool.

This tool enables the company to produce quality contents on all platforms. In addition, the tool facilitates interaction with the company’s clients and offers superlative precious metal products through the secure online storefront. Ryan was in charge of the total design of the website inclusive of implementing different new applications.

These new features are aimed at empowering consumers in addition to easing the process of purchasing bullion. Consumers will find live pricing on bars, silver bullion and gold on The growing online shop. It is imperative to note that U.S. Money Reserve offers coins and special products for the discerning purchasers of precious metals. The company’s products are certified by PCGS.

Clients can also visit the Knowledge Center where they will be furnished with the latest information concerning precious metals. One will also find the terms and conditions of minting coins, purchasing and grading. If a consumer is interested in locating the latest news on the precious metal markets, he or she should visit The Full Headline Gold News Room. U.S. Money Reserve has the Client-Connect Advantage.

This way, the company can contact clients for consultations, special releases, providing assistance on purchasing the products and securing offline transactions. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: and

The company’s buy back guarantee has one of the sound return policies in the industry. This is because it has a full refund clause on certified coin orders, which should be refunded at the existing market value within a period of 1 month (30 days).

These features are making customers excited about the new U.S. Money Reserve. This information was originally reported on CBS 19 as shown in the link below

About U.S. Money Reserve

Gold market veterans are credited for founding the U.S. Money Reserve in 2001. The veterans recognized the need to incorporate excellent customer service, expert knowledge and trust in order to facilitate the purchase of precious metals.

The company is the largest distributor of U.S. government-issued platinum coins, gold and silver. U.S. Money Reserve has employed the services of well-trained professionals to offer clients with products that satisfy their utilities.

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