The Positive Investment Future of Capital Group

Few businessmen can claim to have the success over the last 33 years that Timothy D. Armour has had. His success has brought him to become the chief executive officer of Capital Group an investment management firm that handles capital and portfolios all over the globe.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Capital Group is one of the largest investment firms in the nation with over $1.39 trillion in assets directly under its management. Under Timothy Armour’s leadership, its employee base has expanded to over 7,000 employees. It’s continued expansion is a result of smart business decisions mixed with a large expanding economy.

And Early Career of Success

Previous to being elected as Capital Group’s chairman, Timothy Armour served as an extremely successful investment analyst. His success stems from a fantastic education based out of Middlebury College where Tim received a bachelor’s degree in economics. Seizing his love and passion for economics, Armour quickly moved through the ranks to work at Capital Group and become a highly successful chairman.

An Elected Future

Timothy Armour was elected CEO of Capital Group on July 28th 2015. Tim’s election as CEO was orchestrated in which to help the company with operations and to help continue the successful business plan put into place by Jim Rothenberg. Through promoting Armour to the company’s lead position Rothenberg’s plan became firmly cemented into practice.

Taking over as CEO has allowed Mr. Armour to create a better working environment that helps people to understand the financial investment landscape. With many advisers and investors making up the company, it was absolutely imperative to have someone who was both familiar with the company but possessed a strong knack for leadership, two qualities Timothy Armour had gained with his 33 years of experience within the investment and finance field.

Looking Towards the Future

With shares in large companies such as Netflix, Capital Group continues to be one of the most highly influential investment firms in the world. Timothy Armour’s rise to CEO marks a shift towards progressiveness that is poised to allow the firm to take control over even more companies. The company provides benefits and an approachable upper-echelon of management that makes its foreseeable future one of hope. Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer has helped to stream line Capital Group’s processes and continues to look for ways to point the company in a better direction.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches An Online Reports-Ordering Platform

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has launched an online property report-ordering platform to eliminate title defects that have been common in the recent months. Such defects have negatively affected the real estate industry as they have lead to wrongful foreclosures and mistrust between buyers and sellers. They have also resulted in the stagnation of the otherwise smooth transition of assets between entities.

Property records are important documents, and their accuracy holds the key to clear title conveyance and elimination of wrongful foreclosures. As a leading research and document-processing services provider for the financial and mortgage industry, it is the responsibility of the NTC to ensure that the documents are accurate and that the titles do not have defects. The company’s updated website is aimed at achieving this goal.

Many factors cause title defects. The most common one is when an entity lays claim to a property that belongs to someone else. The wording of the document is also a common cause of defects, as some wordings may not comply with the real estate regulations of the particular area. Omission of the signature of an important signatory may also lead to a title defect. Other causes of title defects are the failure to follow the proper filing procedure and the inability to remove the previous owner of the property.

According to John Hillman, the CEO of NTC, the company will be providing four critical reports through online ordering. The reports are essential in avoiding title defects. They include tax Status report, Tax Status (plus) Report, Current Owner Report, and Assignment Verification Report Services. The online ordering process for these reports is simple and quick to ensure that every property owner or buyer can access valuable information on time and eliminate title defects. The company is proud of the accuracy of its reports and claims that the documents are based on research carried on actual land records. They have reports for any residential property nationwide. This information was originally mentioned on National Mortgage News as explained in this link

To provide its clients with accurate data, the company undertakes its research from multiple sources. The information is then passed through automated and human verification process to ensure that the data is consistent. Any report with inconsistent data is taken through a unique process that involves researching for the right information. This determination for excellence has seen the company establish itself as the ideal partner for some of the largest lenders in the country.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in 1991 to provide research and document-processing services to the residential mortgage sector. The services availed by the company have played a significant role in the industry and are used by eight of the top ten residential mortgage companies in the United States. The company has won several awards such as the Inc. Hire Power and the Fast 50 Award.

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Fabletics and Their Continued Growth

Fabletics is an activewear company and they have been in business since 2013. In that three year time, they have built themselves into and $250 million company and they are projected to grow even more. Even with huge competitors such as Amazon, who controls about 20% of the e-commerce fashion market, Fabletics seems to have found the right formula to make them stand out and be successful.


Co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, along with spokesperson Kate Hudson, began Fabletics in October of 2013. The idea for the company came from personal experience. Don Ressler and his wife one and wear a lot of athletic wear. They noticed that there was not a lot of good quality items at decent prices. There was also not a lot of style variety with active wear clothing. By starting Fabletics, this was all about to change.


With so many activewear companies competing out in the market, Fabletics needed a way to stand out from the competition and have a way to be successful. Having a good quality product and a decent price was not longer all that was needed for a company to sell their inventory. Customers want more and are willing to shop around to places where they can get more.


From the beginning, Fabletics has always done their research. Being a company that functions mostly online, they need to know what their customers want and what their habits are. Fabletics is a subscription-based company and this allows them to customize the shopping experience that each customer has.


This tracking has also spilled over into the physical stores that Fabletics has set up. Physical stores are a more recent addition to the companies growth. Almost half of the customers shopping in the physical stores have already shopped online with Fabletics and are loyal to the brand. By knowing what their customers want, the stores can be set up in a way that will draw them in. The local areas also play into this. Having knowledge about the local area and what interests the customer base will also play into how the physical stores are set up.


Any company that is looking to sell their products knows what a huge competitor Amazon is. No company can survive without figuring out a way to set themselves apart, even a little, from the huge presence that Amazon has. Even though Fabletics has been in business only a few years, they seem to have found the right combination to sell their products, have a loyal customer base and continue to grow their company at huge rates. Fabletics has found their stride and their future looks very bright.

Oncotarget: Sharing Vital Information On Cancer Treatments And Breakthroughs

Oncotarget is an open access peer-reviewed medical journal that is published weekly. It covers research dealing with all aspects of oncology. Established in 2010, the journal is produced by Impact Journals. Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors-in-chief. The publication is indexed and abstracted in BIOSIS Previews, Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed, Scopus and the Science Citation Index Expanded. Journal Citation Reports said Oncotarget had 5.008 2015 impact factor. Without journal self cites the impact factor is 3.757. It is a highly respected publication. See:

The publication is considered a multidisciplinary traditional journal. It is available in an online or a printed version. People can make a special demand and have an issue of the publication printed. Oncotarget has several goals. They include:
1. Disseminating scientific results as quickly and as widely as possible.
2. Allowing for insightful review to maximize the research’s impact.
3. Providing an avenue for the rapid sharing of exceptional discoveries.
4. Remove borders between the specialties in the field.
5. Linking biomedical science’s different fields.
6. Fostering basic and clinical science applications to fight disease.

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Under the guidance and leadership of today’s most prominent scientists, Oncotarget assists all researchers by allowing them to contribute to the progress made by science. The publication’s ultimate goal is life without disease. The publication has been so well received that it has begun to include sections dealing with topics beyond oncology. However, the main focus of Oncotarget remains looking at all cancers’ pathological basis, identifying targets for therapy and treatment protocols that can be used to improve cancer patients’ management.

Oncotarget focuses on how management programs along with new therapeutic protocols and agents impact patient perspectives on adherence, satisfaction and quality of life.

The international journal explores evidence that led to the many exciting new therapies as well as established ones that improve outcomes. It also seeks to define how they should be used relative to uptake and acceptance by both patients and health care professionals. Recent studies published by Oncotarget focused on the impact of e-cigarettes and gum disease and MET amplification and how it can be a potential therapeutic option for patients suffering with gastric cancer.

With just a few keystrokes researchers, health care professionals and patients can get reliable information on the recent breakthroughs and promising treatments and therapies being considered for use in treating a wide variety of cancers. The publication is a useful resource.

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How long does it take to establish a fully functioning gold mine?

Why are diamonds so valuable? They are one of the hardest materials in the world and scarce. Gold is also very durable and scarce.


There are only a limited number of gold deposits on Planet Earth. Due to this inherent scarcity, gold remains the “first and last currency.” All empires fall, eventually. This can be difficult to comprehend, but you need to prepare yourself by protecting your wealth with gold.


“Compare Gold & Paper Scarcity”


Your fiat paper currency is based on your “trust in the United States government.” It even says that on some of the older currency. Furthermore, the United States Dollar bill is actually based on your faith in the Federal Reserve System and United States Treasury.


Whenever, a politician needs more money for a pet project, he can contact the Fed and print more money. Your paper dollar bill is now a Federal Reserve Note. It has no intrinsic value.


“How many trees are there?”


Of course, there are millions of trees. It is easy to chop a tree down, make paper and construct a new paper bill. It is not easy to start a gold mine.


“Decades to Prepare Gold Mine”


The World Gold Council has explained that “significant exploration and development needs to take place” before any gold is extracted. The geologists must assess the size of the gold deposit and determine the best way to extract the ore. Once the business plan is established, capital must be raised.


In the end, it could take a decade before a gold deposit find is turning into a fully functioning mine. This “long development process” maintains the scarcity of gold and keeps it valuable.


“What does US Money Reserve offer?”


US Money Reserve is run by experts, who understand the industry inside-and-out. They will give you an honest appraisal of the reasons why gold can protect your wealth. They identify the latest coins, bars and other products, you can add to your estate.


When you need a trusted adviser, US Money Reserve is in your corner. Many of the wealthy understand the intrinsic value of gold and are purchasing it behind-the-scenes. Follow the actions of the wealthy and protect your own wealth by purchasing the everlasting currency: gold.

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Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a leader in the provision of alternative loans using stocks as the collateral. In the recent past where the economic crisis has slowly hit the world, the need for an alternative financial solution is growing. Therefore, Equities First Holdings presents itself as the next best way to secure fast working capital for your business. These loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets you walk away from the loan without worrying about paying back. For this reason, they allow you to enjoy your investment. As a matter of fact, banks and other lending financial institutions have tightened their loan qualification criteria.

Due to the economic crisis hitting the world they have increased the loan interest rates and cut down their lending options. For this reason, most of their applicants will walk away without meeting their needs. This calls for another better financial solution to get the way. Equities First Holdings offers itself as the reliable financial solution that uses stocks as their collateral to issue loans. While many other large financial institutions allow you to get the stock-based loans, Equities First Holdings offers the best services as a private firm. The large banks like the JPMorgan Chase bank issue stock-based loans. However, they have many restrictions as a public company.

For borrowers who do not qualify for the credit-based loans and need fast working capital, Equities First Holdings has grown enough popularity to serve your needs. While there are numerous options for borrowers out there to secure money for themselves, the banks have cut down their lending criteria. There is an increased interest rate on the credit-based loans.

On the other hand, the stock-based loan allows you to enjoy minimum low-interest rates of up to four percent. For this reason, you will benefit from the proceeds of your loans. Whenever you fail to pay the loans, you can walk away from the loan without any further obligation to the lender. The stock-based loans offer a higher loan-to-value ratio.

During a three-year loan term, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. For this reason, the borrower must protect their stock values. However, the stock-based loans are here to protect you from because your investment risk is low. For this reason, you will keep the proceeds of the loan without remaining under the lender’s obligation. According to Al Christy, there are marked differences between stock-based loans and margin loans. Moreover, stock-based loans are better.

How The Lovaganza Celebrations Are Set To Bring The World Together

Through the Lovaganza entertainment franchise, there will be a spectacular show that will unite the whole world and offer a unique blend of entertainment and the development of unity across the world. Lovaganza has officially announced that the coveted celebrations will be open in 2020 in the period between May and September. The company is promising an event that is unique and a never-before-seen entertainment experience on

It is the only such event to ever happen across the world, so people should expect a unique show that will leave them elated for the good part of the year. To make the presentations interesting, Lovaganza is going to incorporate the latest entertainment technology.

There is also good time to prepare the trilogies and to reach different parts of the world in the process of marketing. The company is holding these celebrations as a means to unite the world by sharing different cultures and the beauty they should embrace about each other.

Why 2020?
Many people have been asking why the company could not have the celebrations in any other year, say 2017 or earlier than 2020. There are several reasons that motivated Lovaganza to reach that decision and one of them is the preparation required for the event to proceed seamlessly. There is need to integrate the event with modern technology and use different features that are ideal for events of such magnitude.

Before, Lovaganza had picked 2015 but after expert review, they pushed the dates. If it was to be held earlier, the technology used would not match the needs of the magnitude the event is meant to handle. With additional time on Crunchbase, it is possible to adopt current technology and cutting-edge concepts that will make the entertainment experience unique.

About marketing and management
With plans to hold an event that should air across the whole world, Lovaganza needs to create space for marketing. This is the reason the company announced the marketing process will kick off in 2017 and proceed all the way to 2020. To make the promotion process easy, Lovaganza will use the Traveling Show, which is a team of professionals that will travel to virtually all countries across the world to share about the celebrations.

They will inform people about what the celebrations will be targeted at achieving and there are previews prepared to just give people a chance to understand the things that will be highlighted during the celebrations. Reference:

Securus Technologies Counters GTL’s Erroneous Press Release

Years of hearing news about various companies filing cases against each other have taught me that the battle does not always stay within the court, that it can move to an exchange of heated remarks over the internet as the proceedings. This is what happened between the Securus Technologies and Global Tel Link (GTL) – two telecommunication service providers that are currently in a dispute regarding patent infringement.


The Main Issue


The ultimate problem is that both corporations are in an intelligent warfare that concerns the patents that they are filing in the country. The manifest in question at present which has the official patent number 7,256,816 is a technological advancement that will allow the prisoners and their friends or families to schedule and conduct visitations through a video call. A specific connection host will link the partakers in and out of the jail, and this lets the law enforcers oversee the virtual interactions of the inmates with their visitors.


What Both Parties Have To Say


On the 7th of June 2016, the latter released several statements which led down to their claim that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the United States legalized the patent number 7,256,816 under GTL’s name and therefore allowed them to ask the Texas federal court to order Securus to compensate GTL for the inconveniences they had caused to the company.


As a defense to this allegation, Securus Technologies published its own press release in which they pointed out and gave clarifications to every inconsistency that appeared in their rival’s written declaration. In reference to this announcement, Securus mentioned that the court cannot and will not get to mandate them to provide damages to GTL because they are filing motions to rehear the case. They also said that PTAB was yet to make a final decision for the patent.


In terms of the number of patents approved between the two companies, Securus clearly had more issued and pending patents compared to GTL based on the tabulation that the former revealed. Regardless of the financial costs of this ongoing battle, however, Securus CEO Richard Smith uttered that they are not going to stop defending themselves from the legal and non-verbal attacks of GTL.


Adam Milstein Has Become Known As One Of The Most Influential Jews Of Our Time

Adam Milstein has won an honor that very few people can win. That honor is the Jerusalem Posts’s “50 Most Influential Jews of 2016,” one that includes major figures such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and US Senator Chuck Schumer. Adam Milstein was selected to number 39 on this list thanks to his founding the Israeli-American Council, and for the charity work and contributions he’s made to the Jewish community at large. Milstein is very honored to be mentioned on this list and has thanked his wife and others who have supported him throughout the years. He’s also the founder of the Milstein Foundation, through which much of his philanthropy is conducted.

Milstein was born in Israel to two parents who had returned to the land from Latin American countries when it first became a recognized state in 1948. Adam grew up working with his father, who helped construct buildings, and later in life Adam would become a real estate developer himself. Adam Milstein is also an Israeli veteran who has served his country in the big Yom Kippur War of the 1970s, and he actually fought alongside former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Once the war was over, Milstein continued to pursue higher education, and once that was completed he started his real estate career. In 1981, he and his wife came to the United States where he does most of his work today.

Milstein believes in being heavily involved in all activities that his foundation supports, and he’s established three pillars that guide the foundation’s activities. The first is “active philanthropy,” the second is “Life Path Impact,” and then encompassing all of these is “philanthropic synergy.” The goal of these pillars is to not only show active support to Jewish humanitarian and welfare causes, but to bring oneness and common ground to the communities as well. In addition to founding the IAC, Milstein’s foundation has also founded Birthright Israel, Stand With Us, Project Interchange, and AEII.

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Andy Wirth Joins Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board is proud to have Andy Wirth as one of their newest board members. They feel that Andy will bring many new ideas to his position with the board. Andy was named one of the top 25 minds in hospitality marketing and advertising by Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International for his marketing as CEO at Squaw Valley, a position that he assumed after an illustrative career at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

Andy is from West Germany. He received his education at Colorado University and at Edinburgh University in Scotland. His international travel experience should be a real asset to the board, as he can share ideas about what other airports are doing successfully.

As CEO at Squaw Valley, Andy has successfully turned the ski resort around to become one of the top ski resorts in North America. Some of the biggest changes have come in the area of improving traffic in the resort’s area. Squaw Valley provides over $125,000 for regional transit initiatives. The resort also has offered to assist with funding to alleviate congestion. Closer to home, the resort operates a shuttle between the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows helping to alleviate traffic congestion in the area. Furthermore, they pick up their employees in a shuttle and bring them to work. The resort also offers free premium parking to drivers who have more than four people in their vehicles.

Andy’s commitment to the community is outstanding. The airport authority is glad that he is aboard and looks forward to hearing his awesome ideas for the region. Since he already runs the fourth largest corporation in his area, we are thrilled that he would take time to serve on the board. A short visit with Andy Wirth not only shows that he has a strong business mind but also that he has a strong love for the region that he first visited as a child.