On And Offline Retailing Aids The Growth Of Fabletics

The membership based fashion retailer, Fabletics has proven itself to be a major thorn in the side of retail giant Amazon, which has shown a large amount of concern about how the leisure and active wear specialist is encroaching on its business. In just three short years of business Fabletics has embraced the reverse showroom technique of retailing to create a brand worth an estimated $250 million and has been positioned as the clothing version of luxury brands like Apple and Warby Parker.


Basing much of its aspirational marketing on the persona and social media presence of investor and award winning actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has always looked to create a new way of selling a range of clothing options that remain popular with millions of women across the U.S. Among the many different ways the brand has been seeking to develop into new areas of success, Fabletics has embraced the reverse showrooming technique that is often seen as a negative for traditional retailers. Showrooming has always been seen as a negative as individual customers browse through showrooms before seeking similar items for a lower price Online; Fabletics began as an Internet based retailer that quickly embraced popup stores and physical locations in six states where members can link their Online shopping cart to the clothes they embrace at a physical store.


Online customers use surveys and buying options to allow Fabletics to guide them through the best choices for their workout options and style decisions. Popup stores and physical locations provide another option for members and non-member customers who can browse through the full range of clothing offered by Fabletics before taking their time about making a decision and buying either Online or in a store. Fabletics has made it clear they have little interest in whether their customers purchase Online or in a store as the consumer is seen as the leader in the purchasing options for this brand where customer service is seen as the most important aspect of the business.


The Fabletics brand is now reviewed with its customer service and easy to use Website seen as major reasons for choosing to purchase the high quality active and leisure wear offered by the brand. Another popular aspect of the brand is the constantly updated range of design options available for a competitive price that rivals that of the major department stores yet offers a higher quality; being able to get high quality and expertly designed workout clothes without the hassle of attending a physical store seems to be among the major reasons the customers of Fabletics have turned this brand into one of the fastest growing Online retailers in the world.

Flavio Maluf: Why the Prevailing Conditions are Favorable for Entrepreneurs

The Brazilian industry has in recent months, been suffering from major setbacks. However, experts predict that this is normal occurrence, and that the industry is on a recovery path. Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf is one of the industrialists who hold onto this position. According to him, there will likely be an improvement, which will attract entrepreneurs once more. Despite this, a number of prospective entrepreneurs are still pessimistic about the chances of recovery.

The Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) recently stated that there has been a general increase in the level of business confidence. Since September 2016, the index has experienced an increase of 2.1. This is a major recovery considering that the previous month, there was a decrease of 1 point. It is from these figures that Mr. Falvio Maluf predicts there will be a further increase in October.

How the Data is Obtained

Normally, this data is obtained through an in-depth analysis of executives’ perspectives concerning monetary activities in the industry. There is always a general emphasis on the preceding six months. The Ibre / FGV (Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation often conducts this survey on the manufacturing sector on segs.com. In September, the institution sampled the sentiments of over 1100 business leaders in the manufacturing industry.

Flavio Maluf points out that an improvement in the volume of stocks is a sign that players in the industry should brace themselves for better times. However, he advises entrepreneurs to exercise caution before making investments since the number of business executives who took part in the evaluation dropped on mundodomarketing.com. Though the drop was marginal, it is unadvisable to make blind investments before analyzing the existing investment climate first.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur, corporate executive, and mechanical engineer. Currently, he serves as the President of Eucatex, a Brazilian corporation that has interests in the construction industry. Mr. Maluf studied at FAAP in Sao Paolo before proceeding to New York University. His competent and transformative leadership has helped Eucatex to become one of the most profitable corporations in Brazil at http://eleicoesepolitica.com/vereador2016/vereador/MG/41114/43123/. Since ascending to the helm, he has continuously endeavored to come promote innovations that are not only beneficial to Eucatex, but also to the entire industry.

Equities First Holdings Provides Inventive Alternative Sources of Capital

Since its launch in 2002, Equities First Holdings (EFH) has been a leader in the provision of alternative financial service. It has supplied funds against public traded share to allow customers to achieve their goals. The firm prides itself on completing over 700 transactions and delivering over $1.4 billion in funding. It operates on an international scope and has offices in nine strategic countries.

EFH spots a rising trend among clients who use stock-based loans

EFH is detecting an increase in the usage of stock-based and margin laws in a challenging climate where banks and other notable lenders have introduced complex lending criteria. Investors who are in need of urgent capital and individuals who do not meet the requirements of convention credit-based loans can turn to Equities First Holding for assistance. However, such persons must be holders of publicly traded shares. They should be willing to use their shares as security for obtaining the loans.

What makes EFH’s share-based loans unique?

Equities First Holding adheres to high integrity standards and participates in sound business activities. The firm is always prepared to reimburse borrowers’ shares once the transaction matures. The policy remains intact even after the decline in the share value that may arise during the transaction. EFH sets fixed and affordable interest rates for its stock-based loans. The firm’s team of loan advisors guides the clients through the entire process of loan application.

Types of securities-based loans

  • Margin loan: While this loan uses stocks for collateral, it has some similarities with credit-based loans. For instance, the borrower ought to be pre-qualified, and usage of the funds is limited to the terms and conditions. The loan-to-value proportions may be between 10 and 50 percent. In the case of a margin call, the lender has the right to liquidate the client’s collateral without notice.
  • Stock-based loans: The fixed interest ranges from 3 to 4 percent and proportion of loan-to-value falls between 50 and 75 percent. The borrower has the right to use the money for any legal purpose. Most share-based loans operate under the non-recourse policy and, thus, the lender reimburses the borrower even after the collateral stock has depreciated.

Chris Burch’s Take on Technological and Fashion Advancements

Chris wrote an article discussing the various changes that have occurred in the fashion and technology industries over time. He argues that these two industries grow hand in hand, with technology becoming fashionable and fashion also becoming technologically trendy. He discusses the technological Genesis from the Boom Boxes of the ‘70s to the Walkman of the ‘90s, and eventually to the iPods of the 21st century.


He notes that in the recent past, fashion designers are increasingly embracing technology. Their primary goal is to come up with products that deliver. As these fashion designers delve deeper and deeper into technology, technology guides them in identifying endless possibilities, making them more innovative in their work. Two designers, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, created airbags for cyclists that are worn around the neck and pops up to protect a cyclist from possible head injuries. These airbags replaced the large helmets. Another designer named SegraSegra recycles bicycle tubes to make shirts and jackets. Designers are also working on producing shoes that will have the ability to convert kinetic energy to electrical energy. Athletes can use this power to charge their phones as they run. All these are fashion changes brought about by technological innovations.


On the other hand, technology benefits from fashion in that; it takes fashion designers to introduce technological advancements to the people. For example, when Google Glasses were introduced to the market, most people could not accept them due to the stigma that comes with wearing glasses. However, this changed when a fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, had her models catwalk wearing these glasses. Since then, Google Glasses have gained global acceptance.


An overview on Mr. Christopher Burch


Mr. Christopher Burch is a Miami-based entrepreneur with investments in real estate, technology, and fashion. He is currently the managing director of Burch Creative Capital, an investment company he founded. He was born on March 28, 1953. Chris attended Ithaca College, but even before graduating, he ventured into what was later to become a successful investment career. His first investment was in The Eagle’s Eye apparel, a business he started in 1976 in partnership with his brother, Bob. Chris’ initial investment in the company was about $2000, but by the time they sold the business to The Swire Group, they had made over $165 million in sales.


Since then, Mr. Burch has invested in many industries in Europe, South America, and the U.S. He has developed real estates in Florida, Southampton, Nantucket, and New York. He also established The Faena Hotel in Argentina and renovated Nihiwatu Luxury Resort in the Indonesian island of Sumba. Besides real estate, Chris has invested in technology and fashion. In 2011, he launched an apparel, accessories, and home décor retailer, but later sold it to Excel Brands. In 2014, he collaborated with Ellen DeGeneres in establishing a lifestyle brand named ED by Ellen DeGeneres.

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Who is Josh Verne?

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience as a CEO of successful companies. In June of 1995, he became the President of Home Line Furniture based out of Philadelphia, PA. In 2011, he left Home Line to create Workpays.me with two of his friends where was CEO and President. Workpays.me is an employee voluntary benefit that offers zero-percent financing. When this company sold, Verne became a founder of FlockU.com.


Josh Verne is currently CEO of FlockU which was started in April of 2015. This site is a network for college students to engage and interact with other college students. Due to Verne’s success, he was asked by Andrew Ferebee to participate in a podcast at Knowledgeformen.com entitled “How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business”.


The podcast begins with Verne giving Ferebee his most favorite success quote. Over the course of the podcast, Verne provides five important ideas about how to be successful. The first idea is to be a leader and not a boss when in a management position. Verne also encourages the listener to only agree to deals/situations where both parties come out feeling as winners. The third idea is for the listener to talk less and listen more which is a key component to success. Finally, Verne encourages the listener to figure out his/her passionate but to keep a balance in life.


Squaw Valley Addresses Water Quality

An unusually heavy rainstorm in October inundated the newly upgraded water system at Squaw Valley. As a result, contamination from E.coli and coliform was detected in the drinking water at the upper mountain. Only the new system was affected and contaminated water was never made available to the public. The water is showing improvement after consistent treatment and while the restaurants remain closed, ski slopes are open.


Management at Squaw Valley reported that the Place County Health Department was contacted immediately when routine testing discovered a problem. They also consulted with independent water safety experts and implemented additional treatments and safeguards. The resort intends to continue working with these agents until the water tests within normal levels and there is a consensus that the water is safe. Only then will water usage at High Camp or Gold Coast return to normal usage.


Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released a statement in which she addressed the concerns of the resort’s patrons. She reiterated the steps taken to resolve the issue and reassured their customers of the seriousness with which safety issues at the resort are taken. Until the issue is fully resolved, guests will have normal access to facilities and the resort will provide free bottled water for drinking. Guests will be updated as the process continues and the problems resolved.


No health problems have been reported as a result of the water issues and Ms. Kenney reassured Squaw Valley customers that top-to-bottom skiing can continue to be enjoyed safely.

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Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

UK Vintners

The wine has been used since time immemorial due to the benefits it has. It is known to protect the heart from heart diseases, fight insomnia, lower cholesterol, prevent colds and most importantly it is taken during social events. During the winemaking process, a vintner plays a great role. They carry an extensive range of investment and collect some of the most desired labels. Despite the decline in value sales compared to the previous years, these UK Vintners have managed to stay on top of their game.

Highbury Vintners

The award-winning independent wine store aims at making available wines from the less known producer. They have a wide-ranging selection of wines from all over the world with staff who are knowledgeable and ready to help you in selecting the best wine for a given occasion. The wines are naturally small production, organic which are family run and share values of fantastic quality and value for your money.

Capital Vintners Ltd

These UK Vintners are widely recognized as one of the leading expert wine dealers amongst UK Vintners. They import wine from across the globe from outstanding winemakers. They sell in wholesale and also to a private consumer. Not only do they provide a massive range of fine wines for their customers, but they also help you send your present holdings through their huge vastness of wine buyers and collectors in their global customer base.

Farr Vintners Ltd

Founded in 1978, Farr Vintners pride themselves on having low limitations, quick revenues and most important offer honest and unbiased advice to the customer hence becoming UK’s largest wholesale fine wine sellers. In the last seven years, the UK vintners have won the International Wine Challenge “En Primeur merchant of the year” six times. They offer the greatest wines from across the globe sourcing from Italy, Spain, California and New Zealand. Although they are primarily a wholesale company, they also sell to private customers.

A&B Vintners

They focus on giving you nothing but the best when it comes to wines. They spend most of their time working closely with the winemakers to select wonderful bottles made with passion and gusto. In this way, they build a good relationship hence ensuring that their wine portfolio is wide and exclusive in every way. They have qualified staff who offer conveyed service whether you want to make a cellar or just have a great bottle at home.

Squaw Valley Statement

In response to the water quality issue on Squaw Valley’s upper mountain, the following statement has been released by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. It is important to note that while this issue continues to be addressed, there is top to bottom skiing available at Squaw Valley.


As many in the area know, October brought in a heavy rain storm with a larger than usual amount of rainfall. This storm had an unfortunate effect on multiple sites within the Placer County water systems. In spite of the upgrades to the water equipment that was conducted this summer, Squaw Valley did see an inordinate amount of water, which in fact inundated these new upgraded systems.


High Camp and Gold Coast, specifically, were the locations where there was an overabundance of water that even the improved system could not handle. It was in these two areas that the contamination occurred, please note that this contamination affected only one system. Again, the contamination was limited to just one system, and at no time was this water accessible by the public.


Routine tests detected the contamination, and the Placer County Environmental Health Department, and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings also went above and beyond requirements, and consulted with independent water safety experts. These leading experts were able to guide and direct the mountain resort on the best way to address the issue. Squaw Valley continues to consult with these water safety professionals, and will continue with the consultative guidance until all water in the Squaw Valley system has returned to safe and normal levels.


Utilization of all water from Gold Coast and High Camp will continue to be withheld until safety officials confirm that all water from that system is completely safe and does not, in any way, pose any health risks to the public. During this period of service interruption, bottled water will be provided free of charge.


Placer County along with the Squaw Valley Public Service District continue to work alongside Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in their combined effort to address and resolve this issue.

Read more: http://www.sierrasun.com/news/environment/squaw-valley-issues-statement-on-upper-mountain-water-quality/

The Success of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

No only has Waiakea Water experienced a growth rate of at least 5,000 percent in three years, but the premier water bottled brand will also open more manufacturing facilities due to high demands.

The founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Ryan Emmons, who is barely 26 years old, is proud to announce that his company has reached a growth of at least 5,000 percent and that more American stores will sell waiakea water. However, things were different in the past. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable

According to Emmons, he struggled to sell more than a few thousand cases of water during his first years in business. But all of that changed within no more than three years. Now, this company sells more than 199,000 cases of water a year with ease.

But Emmons does not just case about profits. Because of how much Emmon’s company grew, he has been able to donate at least 500 million liters of consumable water to undeserved communities in Africa.

Basically, waiakea spring donates around 650 liters of water for every bottle of water that itsells to consumers. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is also allied with Pump Aid, an organization that for a considerable amount of years has been helping Africans who lack access to clean water.

Emmons credits most of his company’s success to the tenets of his company, which are based on socially conscious components. First of all, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is based on a triple bottom line platform, something unconventional. According to Specialty Food, Waiakea water utilizes 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials for its bottles.

Waiakea Water was also the first premium water bottled brand to achieve a net zero carbon footprint, something remarkable. Waiakea Water, other than being concerned about people’s health, cares deeply about the environment. The water sold on behalf of this company is also unique because of its high mineral content. It also has low acidity levels, making it a healthier alternative.

Since Emmons first started attending the University of Southern California, where he studied business, he wanted to establish a company that was environmentally friendly and sustainable. He founded Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water in 2012, when he was barely 22 years old, in order to improve the beverage industry.

Currently, Waiakea Water has a worth of more than $9 million. This company will soon be selling its products in two more continents. It is estimated that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has a growt hrate of more than 169 percent a year.

The Positive Investment Future of Capital Group

Few businessmen can claim to have the success over the last 33 years that Timothy D. Armour has had. His success has brought him to become the chief executive officer of Capital Group an investment management firm that handles capital and portfolios all over the globe.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the Capital Group is one of the largest investment firms in the nation with over $1.39 trillion in assets directly under its management. Under Timothy Armour’s leadership, its employee base has expanded to over 7,000 employees. It’s continued expansion is a result of smart business decisions mixed with a large expanding economy.

And Early Career of Success

Previous to being elected as Capital Group’s chairman, Timothy Armour served as an extremely successful investment analyst. His success stems from a fantastic education based out of Middlebury College where Tim received a bachelor’s degree in economics. Seizing his love and passion for economics, Armour quickly moved through the ranks to work at Capital Group and become a highly successful chairman.

An Elected Future

Timothy Armour was elected CEO of Capital Group on July 28th 2015. Tim’s election as CEO was orchestrated in which to help the company with operations and to help continue the successful business plan put into place by Jim Rothenberg. Through promoting Armour to the company’s lead position Rothenberg’s plan became firmly cemented into practice.

Taking over as CEO has allowed Mr. Armour to create a better working environment that helps people to understand the financial investment landscape. With many advisers and investors making up the company, it was absolutely imperative to have someone who was both familiar with the company but possessed a strong knack for leadership, two qualities Timothy Armour had gained with his 33 years of experience within the investment and finance field.

Looking Towards the Future

With shares in large companies such as Netflix, Capital Group continues to be one of the most highly influential investment firms in the world. Timothy Armour’s rise to CEO marks a shift towards progressiveness that is poised to allow the firm to take control over even more companies. The company provides benefits and an approachable upper-echelon of management that makes its foreseeable future one of hope. Timothy Armour as the chief executive officer has helped to stream line Capital Group’s processes and continues to look for ways to point the company in a better direction.

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